Meloni: Italy will stand by Serbia on its European path

Source: Kosovo Online

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, after a meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, emphasized that the cooperation between Serbia and Italy was at a very high level, and she expected it to become even better in the coming period.

"Vucic has been an outstanding host, everything we have experienced here has been extremely pleasant, and I am grateful to him for that. This is my first visit to Serbia. Our relations can be even better and further developed. I have already had the opportunity to meet with President Vucic, but I believe that such a visit was necessary", Meloni said at a joint press conference.

She added that Serbia and Italy had achieved many things together.

"We have done a lot together. Our trade exchange has been truly successful. Many companies, there can be more investments and more new jobs. I believe that Belgrade is the first city in the world where Italian companies have opened their offices. This shows how much attention we pay and how much our entrepreneurial world looks at Serbia. The work done by President Vucic and the Government is crucial. There are great results achieved, which are exceptional", the Italian Prime Minister said.

She expressed satisfaction that there were leaders who understood and realized how important it was to improve relations for the economy.

"Our relations demonstrate the strategic importance that Serbia has for Italy, and that is why we will be at the forefront of countries advocating for the expansion and reunification of Europe. Europe is not a club for someone to decide who will be there and who will not. It is crucial to achieve the reunification of the whole of Europe when we look at the scenario worldwide", Meloni said.

She said that it was important for Italy that the Western Balkans "joins the European family" and added that Italy would be with Serbia on its European path.

"I know that Serbia will continue to have a constructive approach to dialogue with Kosovo. Italy strongly supports this process, and we are working to ensure the realization of all the commitments that the parties have undertaken", Meloni said.