Mijacic: It is unclear whether there is a consensus in the EU to incorporate the provisions of the Ohrid Agreement into the Chapter 35

Dragiša Mijačić
Source: Kosovo Online

Coordinator of the National Convention on the EU for Chapter 35, Dragisa Mijacic, states that since the day both Kosovo and Serbia agreed in Brussels and Ohrid on a new agreement towards normalization, they committed to incorporating that agreement into the process of further EU integration for both Serbia and Kosovo. However, he points out that it is currently unclear whether there is a consensus within the EU to modify negotiation Chapter 35 for Serbia to include provisions from these agreements.

"Now it's a matter of operationalization, or the amendment of Chapter 35 to incorporate the provisions of these agreements for Serbia. What is unclear at this moment is whether there is consensus among all EU member states in the European Council for this change to occur", Mijacic said for Kosovo Online.

According to him, certain EU members may not agree at this moment, but Serbia will certainly not be able to escape from what President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic committed to in February and March.

When asked if there was pressure here to achieve results in the dialogue that the EU expected, Mijacic believes that is not the case because, as he explains, the path to membership is a long-term process.

"I don't think so. This is a long-term process; even the inclusion in Chapter 35 is not such a straightforward process. Earlier, the common position of EU member states on Chapter 35 was delayed for two and a half years after the signing of the Brussels Agreement, so it's not that easy to carry out this process in such a short time. But one thing is certain, further implementation will not happen until a credible process of establishing the CSM begins", Mijacic emphasizes.

He pointed out that there were certain prerequisites for the implementation of the agreed-upon agreements in Brussels and Ohrid.

"That is what can kick-start the process, primarily the formation of the CSM, organizing elections in the north, and de-escalation in northern Kosovo. Later, this will be followed through the common Chapter 35 and the implementation, i.e., monitoring the implementation of the agreements from Brussels and Ohrid", Mijacic concluded.