Mirena: Kurti incites the hatred of the Albanians towards the USA, it will come to the burning of the US flag

Aljbin Kurti
Source: Kosovo Online

Analyst Ilir Mirena assessed that the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, incited the hatred of Kosovo Albanians towards the USA and the West, warning that such a campaign by the current Government was dangerous for Kosovo.

Mirena indicated on Facebook that such rhetoric of the current Government would not stop "until Kurti and Self-Determination see how Kosovo Albanians burn the US flag".

"The entire propaganda arsenal of Albin Kurti's Government is now aimed at inciting and deepening the hatred of Kosovo Albanians towards the West, especially the USA. This campaign will not stop until Kurti and Self-Determination see Kosovo Albanians burning the US flag and attacking the Embassies of Western countries, similar to what Palestinians from the Gaza Strip have been doing for about 70 years," Mirena wrote.

He assesses that Kurti's propaganda against the West is gradually becoming more and more successful and that Kurti has done a "fantastic service to Serbia".