Momirovic: The goal of banning the import of Serbian goods is to expel the Serbs from Kosovo

Tomislav Momirović
Source: Kosovo online

The Minister of Internal and Foreign Trade of Serbia, Tomislav Momirovic, stated that the goal of banning the import of goods from central Serbia to Kosovo, which had been introduced by Pristina, was to expel the Serbs from their centuries-old hearths and make it impossible for Serbian goods to be sold in Kosovo, RTV reports.

In a statement for Tanjug, Momirovic called on the international community, primarily the USA and the EU, to react and said that the Government of Serbia would not allow the Serbs in Kosovo to be endangered.

However, as he adds, the goal of the Government of Serbia is to preserve peace.

"We have two sides to the problem. The first is humanitarian because it is obvious that the main and probably the only goal of Prime Minister Albin Kurti is to expel the Serbs and extinguish the existence of our church and language in Kosovo and Metohija. The pressure refers to denying them - medicines and goods, basic groceries. Another aspect is that they are destroying our market chances for our products south of the Ibar River," Momirovic said.

He pointed out that this was completely unacceptable and that he had written to the EU several times, but that he was surprised at how little effect the EU's authority had in Kosovo.

"Commissioner (for enlargement Oliver) Varhelyi clearly stated his position, he said that this was the position of the European Commission; they did not agree with it; they condemned it, but we did not have any effects of it on the ground; we did not have any reaction. Is it possible that their authority is so small?" the Minister asked.

He added that this situation had to be stopped because, as he said, Albin Kurti was dangerous.

"He is creating chaos in the southeast of Europe in conditions where we have chaos in the east of Europe, a war between the two largest countries. We have a constant threat of conflict in our southern province, in the middle of the Balkans. As a Government, we will not allow our people to be endangered, but our goal is to preserve the peace," Momirovic pointed out.

How long the situation will be like that, he says, mostly depends on the USA and the EU.

"According to Resolution 1244, they are responsible for the management of Kosovo and Metohija, not a temporary institution. The KFOR Commander has supreme authority in Kosovo. They must stop the expulsion of our people and establish normal market competition, not only for products from central Serbia but for everything." Momirovic believes.

As he said, the real reaction would be for something to happen on the ground and for the Serbs and Albanians to start doing business again because it had been like that during war, the economy had connected us.

The Minister states that not only the Serbs are at risk, but also international companies.

"It's about perspective. If these are legitimate acts that have no condemnation, what's next, what's the future? The economy doesn't like instability and unpredictability. We have to offer them predictable conditions in order to invest. That's what we need and what we offer to everyone, new factories, new roads, a perspective, an increase in wages. We ask everyone to turn to that and not to stories from the past," Momirovic concluded.