National Bank of Serbia: There is no talk of an agreement with the CBK; the solution is only possible through political dialogue

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The National Bank of Serbia stated today that there could be no talk of an agreement between the Central Bank of Kosovo and the National Bank of Serbia and that insistence on a political format of dialogue is the only viable option, and the issue must be resolved exclusively within the existing level of dialogue, RTV reports.

The National Bank of Serbia responded to the recent statements from representatives of the Kosovo Government, emphasizing the urgent need to repeal discriminatory, unlawful, and unprecedented measures introduced by institutions in Pristina. This action is necessary to ensure the unimpeded transport and distribution of the dinar, preventing the denial of basic living conditions for the Serbian population in Kosovo.

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"In connection with the latest unilateral measures of the Provisional Self-Government Institutions in Kosovo and Metohija, which directly threaten the existence of the Serbian population in Kosovo and Metohija by preventing the entry and use of the Serbian dinar in Kosovo and Metohija for cash payment transactions, practically meaning the impossibility of paying salaries, pensions, social benefits, and other incomes to the Serbian population in dinars, the National Bank of Serbia, in cooperation with other state institutions, will take all necessary measures, taking into account the interests of Serbian citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija and the consequences that the implementation of the Regulation may have on their survival," The National Bank of Serbia said for Tanjug.

The National Bank of Serbia once again recalls that institutions in Kosovo are by no means authorized to proclaim the euro (or any other foreign currency) as the sole permitted currency in the territory of Kosovo. The euro cannot legally be considered a means of payment in Kosovo since the National Bank of Serbia is the sole competent issuing institution authorized to decide on the use of the dinar throughout the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

"When it comes to the official currency and legal means of payment in Kosovo and Metohija, it is important to note that there is currently no officially established currency, nor is it the euro, as confirmed by the European Union and the European Central Bank in their publicly available information. The euro cannot be issued or introduced as the currency of countries that are not members of the European Union and do not meet the 'Maastricht criteria' for joining the eurozone," the National Bank of Serbia stated.

Besnik Bislimi, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Kosovo Government, stated on Wednesday that institutions had requested the Central Bank leadership to establish a line of communication with the National Bank of Serbia to find appropriate mechanisms for the funds coming from Serbia.