Pacolli: In the civilized world, I have not heard that the state leadership insults judges and prosecutors

Bedžet Pacoli
Source: Fejsbuk

The head of the New Kosovo Alliance, Behgjet Pacolli, said that in the civilized world, politicians in power did not insult judges and prosecutors.

Pacolli stated on Facebook that he did not doubt Kurti's abilities to lead Kosovo, but that he wanted to understand how attacks on judges and prosecutors contributed to the situation.

"In the civilized world, especially in the most developed countries with a consolidated democracy (I speak from a long life's experience in the West), I have never heard that the state leadership insults its judges and prosecutors. I don't doubt the ability of our Prime Minister to lead the people of Kosovo, but I am very curious to understand what contributes to 'governance with clean hands' when the people who help in this process (prosecutors and judges) are attacked by state leaders," Pacolli said.