Petritsch: It is necessary to return the dynamics to the dialogue, it is in the interest of the Serbs in Kosovo

Beograd_240229_Volfgang Petrič
Source: Kosovo Online

The negotiations between Kosovo and Serbia have been lasting for too long, and there has been no progress in the last two years, so it is necessary to regain the lost dynamics, especially in the interest of Serbs in Kosovo, former European Union envoy for Kosovo, Wolfgang Petritsch says.

"The situation hasn't improved over the past two years. In a way, a positive moment and dynamic have been lost. It is necessary to regain that dynamic," Petritsch told Kosovo Online, adding that he was concerned that the negotiations had been going on for too long.

As he stated, it is in the interest of Serbs in Kosovo, not only those in the north, where they make up the majority, but also in the south, to restore that dynamic in the talks.

"It is important to consider how to improve people's lives and do it quickly," Petritsch emphasized.

When asked about the importance of the recent Ukraine Summit in Tirana, he responded that it had been very important to show solidarity with the attacked country and to maintain political contacts.

"But at the same time, I believe it is important for Europe not to forget that the first step in the enlargement process must come in the Western Balkans. These priorities must be respected," the diplomat stated.

As Petritsch also mentioned, Ukraine can benefit from the experience of Western Balkan countries when the war stops and negotiations are considered.

He noted that the participation of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in the summit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had indeed been important.

"Vucic proved with this that the unilateralism attributed to him is not true. It was the right step. His participation shows solidarity with Ukraine," Petritsch added.