The pilgrims from Novi Sad will spend the night in the Banjska Monastery, and they can return home tomorrow

Manastir Banjska
Source: Društvena mreža X

In the Banjska Monastery, which is under police siege, there is a group of pilgrims from Novi Sad, along with a priest, abbot Danilo, and the monastery's brotherhood, as confirmed in a statement by the Eparchy of Raska and Prizren.

As Kosovo Online reports, the pilgrims locked themselves in the monastery's premises after last night's and this morning's shooting. The monastery's temple is also locked.

They have confirmed that gunshots are still being heard, along with occasional knocking on the doors of the monastic quarters.

They will spend another night in the monastery, and as announced, they will be identified and escorted to the administrative checkpoint tomorrow, from where they will travel back home