Popovic: Attacks on the Serbs are a consequence of the rhetoric of the authorities in Pristina; the international community needs to find a solution

Srđan Popović
Source: Kosovo Online

The Head of the Kosovo District, Srdjan Popovic, stated that the security situation was very difficult for the Serbs in Kosovo and that the recent attacks on children in Laplje Selo and a priest in Prizren were a result of the rhetoric of the authorities in Pristina.

As he noted, the Albanians are now using institutions to make life impossible for the Serbs.

"The security situation is very difficult, unfortunately, people feel insecure, and we don't know how each new day will begin. March 17th happened when a major pogrom against the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija took place, and now we find ourselves in the same situation, except that now the Albanians are using more sophisticated methods, namely using institutions to make life for the Serbs as unbearable as possible, simply to force the Serbs to leave their homes," Popovic emphasized.

Popovic stressed that the recent incidents in Laplje Selo and Prizren were a consequence of the rhetoric coming from Pristina.

"We are all witnesses to the fact that the government in Pristina is not sending peaceful messages; day by day, we see new attempts by the government to make life more difficult for the Serbian community. There is also indoctrination of younger generations, bombarding the Albanians with messages coming from the government and the assembly. What we can expect from all this is what is currently happening: attacks on priests, and attacks on children, all supported by institutional violence, such as the abolishment of the dinar, which ultimately means abolishing life for the Serbian community. We have seen in recent days that people are worried about how they will cover basic living expenses, pay for electricity, and water, and buy food," Popovic added.

As he stated, it is up to the international community to find a solution to the current situation in Kosovo.

"We will see if the international community will take action and if they will finally find a solution to stop all of this. Our eyes are on the international community for the simple reason that the government in Pristina is an international project," Popovic said.