Rohde: The recommendation of the Council of Europe is for Kosovo to implement the decision on Visoki Decani without delay

Jorn Rode
Source: Koha ditore

German Ambassador to Kosovo Jorn Rohde, speaking about the Report on the Compliance of Kosovo's Legal System with the Council of Europe, emphasized that the non-implementation of the Constitutional Court's decision to return the land to the Visoki Decani Monastery constituted a violation of the rule of law.

Rohde, on the "X" platform, stated that both positive and negative aspects could be drawn from the CoE Report.

"Thanks to the report by legal experts of the CoE on the compliance of Kosovo's political and legal system with CoE standards, the good news is that legal rules are generally in line with international standards. The bad news: the non-implementation of the Constitutional Court decision in Decani constitutes an obvious violation of the rule of law", Rohde said.

He stated that the experts described Kosovo as a "functional democracy" and evaluated the modern constitution with "strong guarantees for the independence of the judiciary". However, as he pointed out, they also highlighted sharp criticism from high-ranking politicians towards representatives of the judiciary and institutions.

"So, two recommendations from the rule of law report for Kosovo are: 1. implement without further delay the decision on Decani, 2. fully respect the independence of the judiciary, including refraining from unnecessary criticism that undermines trust in the judiciary", he added.

Rohde emphasized that the report provided a mixed picture, indicating high legal standards that were not always applied fully.

"I am crystal clear that urgent implementation - as repeatedly demanded by the international community - is needed to successfully advance Kosovo's membership bid", Rohde concluded.

On November 17, Rohde, along with a delegation from Germany, visited the Visoki Decani Monastery. Following the visit, he emphasized on the "X" social platform that it was a "Kosovo monastery on the UNESCO list", which sparked a strong reaction from the public.