Spahiu: Citizens' petition for the removal of the mayors is a path to stabilization, its rejection a consequence of ignorance

Nedzmedin Spahiu
Source: Kosovo Online

University Professor Nexhmedin Spahiu told Kosovo Online that the citizens' petition for the removal of mayors in four municipalities in northern Kosovo was a path to stabilization, and the rejection of this initiative by municipal assemblies was an avoidance of responsibility due to ignorance.

Speaking about the citizens' initiative that was rejected this morning in all four municipalities in northern Kosovo and the response from CEC spokesperson Valmir Elezi that he received emails with petitions, Spahiu says that this is a sensitive political issue, and employees in their positions had to consult with someone.

"They were probably surprised by the submission of signatures because they didn't expect it; there were no indications that signatures would be collected, so they didn't know how to behave in that situation. Because it is a sensitive political issue, those who are not sure about their competencies and work in positions that don't actually belong to them always have to consult with someone to provide an adequate response", Spahiu said and added that the chairman of the Municipal Assembly was obliged to receive the signatures and initiate the procedure for the removal of the mayor, that it was their task, and they must do it.

He emphasized that their rejection was a consequence of ignorance. 

"Simply put, avoiding responsibility due to ignorance. It will certainly be initiated; there is no other way, it is legally defined. Delays of a day or two are no longer possible because a path must be found. The fact that citizens have initiated the removal of the mayor due to very low legitimacy is entirely appropriate, and it is a path toward stabilizing the situation in northern Kosovo, ensuring that municipalities are led by those who not only have legality but legitimacy in their function", Spahiu concluded.