Vucic: Serbs in Kosovo rebelled  not wanting to suffer terror anymore; Albin Kurti is the only culprit

Aleksandar Vučić
Source: Kosovo Online

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said tonight, on the occasion of the events in the north of Kosovo, that today is one of the most difficult days for Serbia and the Serbian people since 2004 and 2008, and pointed out that the Serbs from the north rebelled, not wanting to suffer Kurti's terror anymore.

"I apologize to the citizens of Serbia that we could not address earlier, because since 1999 we have not had effective control over Kosovo and Metohija, and it took us a long time to investigate everything that happened, what happened this morning, throughout the morning and in the afternoon, so that we could announce the truth. On the other hand, let us prepare the ground for making the appropriate decisions," emphasized Vucic in his address to the citizens.

He reported that around 2:46 a.m. a group of Serbs from Kosovo set up two trucks as barricades in Banjska, in the north of Kosovo.

"Then the Kosovo police arrive, trying to remove the barricades. There is a conflict with the Serbs who set up the barricades. In that conflict, the police officer Afrim Bunjaku was killed and another person was wounded. At 8:37a.m., the administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak got closed and the clashes were still going on. At 10:15 a.m. they informed about the anti-terrorist operation," he said.

He underlined that, although he spoke about it many times, although he warned every day in Brussels and New York that all this could happen, few people wanted to listen.

"Serbs from Kosovo, and not people from central Serbia, as they lied in the Pristina media, revolted not wanting to endure Kurti's terror anymore," explained Vucic.

The president said that since November 3, the Kosovo police had been used 62 times in the north and pointed out that it was only a matter of time when those who were being pursued by the police, who were moving on the route "central Serbia - Kosovo and Metohija" in order to avoid arrest, would they try to fight back.

"I don't want to justify the killing of an Albanian policeman, it is reprehensible and nobody needed it, least of all the Serbian people, especially at the moment when everyone realized that Kurti was the main organizer of the chaos and there is no way around it," stressed Vucic.

As he says, in just an hour and 20 minutes, those few dozen Serbs were completely surrounded and a brutal attack was carried out on them.

"We wondered why KFOR is not doing it, but they gave permission to Kurti to, as they say, deal with the terrorists and probably kill as many people as possible," he said.

Three Serbs were killed, there is a fear that a fourth person was also killed

Vucic reported that, according to the information of the Serbian services, three Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija were killed, two of them by sniper fire, from a long distance when it was not necessary for them to be liquidated.

"There is a fear that a fourth person was also injured. We followed what the Albanian police did for one person. The question is whether he survived because they did not want to help him. We have a sound recording of the Albanian policemen laughing and saying “We have no reason to help him, let him die”," said Vucic.

As he says, the police used snipers, they also hit private houses in Banjska, where no one was there...

Vucic also stated that this group of people came to the Banjska monastery because two young men were wounded, and they wanted to help them, and that the church was not involved in any way.

And then, he stated, the "spin revolution" started this morning, because it seems that everyone who bloodied their hands in 1999 suddenly thought of accusing Serbia and that it would be good to bomb it again.

He showed photos, taken near the monastery, showing the truck, which was said to be a Gendarmerie vehicle, stating that he was "ashamed to talk about such lies."

He pointed out that Albanian portals announced today that Pavle Bihali, from the Leviathan movement, had been killed, that Radomir Popcuca was among those killed, who, according to Vucic, "didn't even approach Kosovo", and that members of Obraz participated in the conflict, which he added is, a notorious lie.

"They wrote that pilgrims and monks are being held hostage, that elements of Obraz, Wagner, and 'Spetsnaz', a Russian mercenary group, are involved in everything. Bragging about how they killed a terrorist, they showed a video from Nagorno-Karabakh, because it was only important to blame Belgrade", indicated Vucic.

The attacks on the Serbian Orthodox Church are also for this purpose, which is also a notorious lie, noted the President of Serbia.

He also pointed out that every normal person would condemn the murder.

But he also asked what happened to the case of the wounded Serb, Dragisa Galjko.

"How is it that there is still no investigation into the attempted murder of Galjko, who received two bullets? Because they are not interested in it. The whole story was made up to show that the Serbs were guilty," said Vucic.

The only culprit for everything that is happening is - Albin Kurti

The President of Serbia pointed out that the only culprit for everything that is happening in Kosovo is exclusively Albin Kurti, who only wants conflicts and war.

"The only one to blame for everything that is happening, with a little fault of those who help him, which is part of the international community, is Albin Kurti. The man who, contrary to the Brussels agreement, replaced Djuric, did not want to form the Community of Serbian Municipalities, left the people to fend for themselves to worry about their fate and provokes all the time", pointed out Vucic.

He stated that he was sorry that part of the Serbs fell for those provocations.

"Kurti is the only culprit, the only one who wants conflicts and war. Nobody wants war but him. His life's desire is to drag us into a war with NATO, he has no other desire. And that's the only thing he does all the time," he pointed out.

The formation of the CSM and Serbian policemen in the north is the only way to preserve peace

Vucic called on the international community to fulfill the conditions and form the CSM, as well as to have Serbian policemen in the north, because this is the only way to prevent Serbs from being persecuted from their centuries-old hearths and to preserve peace.

He said that a similar situation, like the one in Banjska, happened in North Macedonia, that then the international community appealed to both sides, and that today the message "kill them all" was sent.

"It is a lesson for us to know who we are dealing with and what they think. You could hear how everything was organized from Belgrade, how Serbia did it, and that tells you enough what their intentions are. From Roth to Fehlinger, who is calling for Belgrade to be bombed again," said Vucic.

The National Security Council met, decisions in the coming days

He also pointed out that the National Security Council was in session all day, and that all decisions will be thoroughly considered, prepared, and the citizens will be informed about them.

He called on citizens to be calm and trust Serbia.

"We ask the people of Kosovo and Metohija to trust their country, it is up to us to do everything we can to prevent more bloodshed and preserve the peace," said Vucic.

Audio recordings of the Albanian policemen's conversation about the wounded young man

Vucic read the translation from the audio recording in which the Albanian policeman laughs and says "we have one wounded person and we will deliver it, do you need help? You do, but it's not that urgent, it's not a shame if he dies".

"That's how the work is done professionally," noted Vucic ironically, adding that he doesn't want to talk about what kind of lies were told by those attending from central Serbia.

He repeated that there is no justification for the killing of the Albanian policeman.

When asked about the hypocrisy of the international community, given that they did not react to the mistreatment of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, and today everyone immediately came forward to condemn it, Vucic says that hypocrisy is their middle name.

"All the time they were looking for a reason to accuse Serbia of anything until we recognize the independence of Kosovo, that's the essence - pressure on Serbia until we recognize the independence of Kosovo," said Vucic.

He adds that they are trying to distance themselves from the Serbs, whom they say are criminals, and that there are pressures within the country.

"They also have those who are irresponsible in the country - false right-wingers who say let's enter the conflict, and if we did that, they would ask to be spared, so that pressure will continue," he said.

As he says, his biggest message to those who are exerting pressure is that everything he is doing will not force Serbia to recognize Kosovo.

"All that you did and what you did today, we will never recognize independent Kosovo. You can kill us all, Serbia will never recognize independent Kosovo, the freakish creation you made with all possible lies. And we will talk always, always, and on recognition of Kosovo - formally or informally, forget it," said Vucic.

The uniforms are not the uniforms of the Serbian police or army, another spin to shift the blame to Belgrade

When asked where the local Serbs got the weapons and uniforms that can be seen in the pictures, Vucic stated that this question also depicts what it looks like to wage a special war against Serbia - with insinuations that Serbia gave the army or police uniforms, and that Belgrade is to blame.

"These are not the uniforms of the army or police of Serbia. Uniforms may be bought everywhere, it is not a problem to get them. There are no weapons of any kind that cannot be found anywhere," the President of Serbia pointed out.

He added that throughout the day he spoke with the director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petkovic, as well as with representatives of the Serb List, who, he says, are terrified and with their own people.

"I don't think the big problem is that some people were locked in the houses, but that the Albanian police shot at the houses and knocked on the doors to arrest the Serbs, just because they think that there could be someone who resists them... That's the worst spin - they accuse you first, so they can say that Belgrade is guilty of something," said Vucic.

He added that many Serbs died for the freedom of Serbia and for Kosovo in Serbia.

"One thing is certain, Kosovo will never get its independence, at least not from Serbia. I have no problem with that, no matter what foreign factors do. Let them do their job, we'll see if it will work out that way. We will make decisions about it in the coming days, with a cool head, how and in what way we will protect the people", said Vucic.

About Roth's statement: I am not looking for justification, unlike him who will never condemn Albanians, even when they shoot children

Vucic also commented on the statement of the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag, Michael Roth, who asked how Serbia would find justification for the attack in the north of Kosovo, saying that - he did not ask for any justification.

"I wasn't looking for any justification, unlike him who will find justification for when they shoot Serbian children at Christmas. As you can see, I condemned the murder of an Albanian policeman, and Roth can never use his mouth to condemn Albanians for anything, even when they shoot Serbian children. And that's where we differ, and thanks to Michael Roth, we have this situation in Kosovo and Metohija," said Vucic.

When asked what the solution to the situation in the north is, Vucic emphasized that it would be much better and nicer if there were no Kosovo Police, but that the international community did not want to listen to that.

"So now they are supposedly the most important factor and someone did it on purpose," concluded Vucic.

When asked to comment on the opposition's condemnations of why he did not immediately speak out about the incident in Banjska, Vucic asked why they were silent and why they did not say anything.

"Apart from Vucic's grunt, they didn't even grunt and didn't say anything. Not a word. These are the same ones who praised Kurti and talked about how a wonderful intellectual, their friend, is coming to us," said Vucic.

When it comes to de-escalation, the President of Serbia claims that today no one has worked in that direction.

"This is because international representatives gave carte blanche to kill Serbs after the murder of an Albanian policeman, they let snipers chase and kill them, which they never allowed anywhere else in such a way," said Vucic.

With that, he adds, they left the north of Kosovo and the Serbs without men who could stand up to Kurti's terror.

Everything that is happening suits only the Albanians and those who support Kurti, I am afraid of the worse

Asked if this is the epilogue of the situation that has been ruling for months, and in whose favor Vucic emphasized that this only suited the Albanians, those who support Kurti in illegal and anti-Serb activities.

"This is not, I'm afraid, an epilogue, it's bad enough to be an epilogue. I'm afraid it will be worse. I didn't accidentally say that we will make decisions in the days ahead," he said.

Vucic emphasized that they lied all the time, a year and a half since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, that Serbia wanted to go to war.

"They lied about everything and never said sorry," he added.

He said that he knows where the two victims are from, and that they are from Kosovska Mitrovica.

"We express our condolences to them, as well as to the families of the murdered policeman. Kurti is to blame for everything. If it weren't for the Albanian police, but the Serbian one, nothing would have happened. Kurti and those who let him do all that," President Vucic concluded.