Kalaj: With Kurti's government, the position of workers and pensioners is worse than ever

Ndue Kalaj
Source: Telegrafi

Former trade union activist, Ndue Kalaj, said that Kurti's government had made the issue of northern Kosovo a priority, while pensioners and workers had been left at the bottom of the well, Ekonomia Online reports.

He added that citizens had not been in a more difficult economic situation under any government.

"What Kurti says is not true, because he has not increased pensions or the minimum wage for two and a half years. Look at the enormous increase in prices, what inflation is like, and the minimum wage, which is the lowest in the last 10 years, today it is 175 euros; Kurti is still at the same level after two and a half years, and we don't know the reasons," Kalaj said.

He stated that Kurti, based on the work program he had presented, was trying to mask it because he had put the issue of northern Kosovo on the agenda for seven or eight parliamentary debates, while citizens and pensioners had gone to the bottom of the well.

"With Kurti's government, their position today is worse than under all previous prime ministers. This has completely put workers and pensioners in the worst possible position," Kalaj said.