Lucic: The international community sided with Telekom; I will explain the truth to their representatives in Pristina

Vladimir Lučić
Source: Kosovo Online

The general director of Telekom Srbija, Vladimir Lucic, said that he would visit Kosovo again in the coming days, in order to explain to the representatives of the international community once again that banning Telekom would mean the most brutal annulment of the Brussels Agreement, a violation even of Kosovo laws, and would lead to the most severe consequences for the Kosovo Serbs. 

Lucic added that Telekom Srbija in Kosovo was currently suffering "brutal pressure from the administration of Albin Kurti", which was trying to shut down this largest Serbian company.

"The explanation is completely bizarre, in the passport of one member of the management of 'Mts D.O.O' says that his place of birth is "Kosovska Mitrovica, Republic of Serbia", which they interpreted as a violation of the Kosovo Constitution and the reason for deleting the company from the register," Lucic said in a guest appearance on TV Pink.

He adds that in the fight for the survival of Telekom in Kosovo, in addition to using all legal mechanisms, he also organized a major diplomatic campaign, as a part of which he is soon going to Pristina.

"The international community clearly stood on our side, especially the US Embassy, whom I thank even now. But we are not relaxing, the fight continues, so in the next few days, I will go to Pristina to explain the truth to the international representatives once again, that the ban on Telekom in Kosovo meant the most brutal annulment of the Brussels Agreement and led to the most severe consequences for the Kosovo Serbs. If the international community allowed it, it would mean that Kurti's administration could do whatever it wanted against the Serbs and that the Brussels Agreement would no longer exist," Lucic explained.

Lucic also added that the appeal against the initial decision of Pristina had been submitted almost 20 days ago and that he expected an answer in the next two weeks. As particularly important in the legal sense, he emphasized that shutting down "Mts" in Kosovo would also represent a drastic violation of the law enacted by Pristina itself.

"We expect the only normal answer, that they adopt our position and admit that they were wrong because that act is absolutely illegal, it is not even based on their laws. A negative answer would lead to a big crisis on the ground, that 30,000 Serbian households could no longer watch Serbian TV channels, to be left without internet and mobile telephony... We certainly won't do it ourselves, they would have to do it by force, which would mean a major escalation," Lucic warned.

As he explained, Telekom had another legal remedy at its disposal, to request a temporary measure until the final legal solution.

Kurti refuses to call a tender for the mobile network

 As Lucic said, in yet another violation of the provisions of the Brussels Agreement, Pristina refused to call for a tender for a third mobile operator, Lucic was convinced that the reason for this was precisely Telekom Srbija.

"For years, we have been waiting for Pristina to fulfill another of its obligations from the Brussels Agreement and to call a tender for the third mobile operator, which we would certainly win. Once we receive the permit, we will invest heavily in the optical and 5G network, so people throughout Kosovo and Metohija will have the fastest internet and the best mobile telephony. Telekom Srbija is by far the largest operator in the Western Balkans, and we will be the leader in Kosovo as well, whether someone likes it or not," Lucic said.

The fight for the future of Serbian children in Kosovo

The head of Telekom, which through its daughter company "Mts D.O.O." is the largest Serbian company in Kosovo, visited Serbian communities throughout Kosovo in the past few days. He visited North Mitrovica, Leposavic, Gracanica, Laplje Selo, Strpce, Donja Gusterica, Silovo, Kusce... There he handed over a donation to elementary schools - interactive "smartboards" and sports equipment, which was the initiative of President Aleksandar Vucic.

"The Serbs in Kosovo live much harder than we do here, those families and above all their children are real heroes. I was impressed by their determination to stay there, in very difficult conditions, and to fight for a normal life. The energy I saw and a large number of children, so there are from 200 to over 600 pupils in those elementary schools, they particularly moved me. It was a great pleasure to hang out with them," Lucic emphasized in a guest appearance on TV Pink.

Lucic added that the donation to elementary schools in Kosovo would mean a lot to the teaching staff and students.

"The state-of-the-art interactive 'smart board' enables, among other things, a video connection, so conference calls can be made between schools, joint classes can be organized, and video games can even be played. It was a great honor for me to present this donation, on the initiative of President Aleksandar Vucic. Digital education is very important, we are preparing for the future, and this is certainly true for Serbian children in Kosovo and Metohija," Lucic emphasized.

Given that Telekom Srbija is the founder of the very popular Arena Sport TV channel, Lucic also donated sports equipment to schools in Kosovo and Metohija, which also made the students very happy.