Residents of Ranilug after the explosive devices were thrown: We fear for our existence

Bačene bombe na kuće predstavnika Srpske liste u Ranilugu
Source: Kancelarija za KiM

In Ranilug, in the early morning hours, unknown persons threw explosive devices at three Serb houses. There were no injuries, but there is fear among the families that were attacked, as well as among the locals.

The Deputy Mayor of Ranilug, Vladica Aritonovic, said that this was the fifth explosive device that had been thrown in the Municipality of Ranilug in the last two months, adding that the citizens were worried and feared for their existence.

"Honestly, the motive of this attack is intimidation, because I don't see any other motive why someone would throw an explosive device. This is the fifth explosive device that has been thrown in the last two months in Ranilug and Glogovac. But there is no progress in finding the perpetrator. We are afraid, we are all disturbed, when it happened last night at around 2:20 a.m., we all went out, neighbors, after which the police came and held an inspection. We all fear for our lives and existence," Aritonovic said.
The explosive device was thrown into the yard of the family home of the director of the Preschool Institution "Pcelica Maja" Srdjan Ristic. As Ristic said, two months ago he had received an anonymous threat via Viber.

"We received a warning about two months ago via Viber messages, both myself and some colleagues, and directors. The message was sent from an anonymous number, which we were unable to get. I hope there will be no more cases like this. We are currently in such a situation today, thank God that we are fine, that there are no injuries, and that we will forget this as soon as possible," Ristic said.
Ristic adds that he gave a statement at the police station regarding the threats.

"The police said that they would take over the case and that they would find the perpetrators as soon as possible. I sincerely hope that the perpetrators will be found and that this will not happen again," Ristic said.

Srdjan's mother, Zora Ristic, is also visibly disturbed by the event.

"I got up to open the window and then we heard a bang, I wasn't allowed to go out. My sister-in-law went out, but she didn't see anything. The stress is huge, I fear the most for the children," Ristic said.
The President of the Municipality of Kosovska Kamenica, Tanja Aksic, called on all relevant institutions to get involved and discover the perpetrators.

"In the past month, this is the fifth attack. The first attack happened on August 5. I hope that these will be the last attacks. This did not happen in the worst period during the previous years. We are all speechless. Urgently, all relevant institutions please include discovering these unpleasant events and bringing the perpetrators to justice. People are upset. Ranilug is a village that is ethnically clean, and for something like this to happen, we are in shock, we are speechless," Aksic said.

An explosive device was also thrown at the house of the director of the Center for Social Work in Ranilug, Zoran Ristic, but there was no explosion.

The attack on the Serbs was condemned by the Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Petar Petkovic, who said that the thrown explosive devices were a brutal intimidation of the Serbs.