Serb from Leposavic: The police stopped me near Banjska and asked me to declare whether Leposavic is Serbia or Kosovo

Kosovska policija
Source: Reporteri

On the main road of North Mitrovica-Raska early this morning, an Albanian-member patrol of the Kosovo Police stopped the vehicle driven by V.R. and demanded him to declare whether Leposavic was Serbia or Kosovo.

As V. R. confirmed for our portal, he was stopped this morning on the turn to Banjska (a village in northern Kosovo), and the patrol consisted of three members – two men and one girl, who spoke Albanian.

"They stopped me and first told me that I was driving a car with illegal license plates because the car was registered with KM license plates. Then they asked me where I was from and when I said that I was from Leposavic, they asked if it was in Serbia or Kosovo. When I said that it was Serbia, they looked at me sideways, so I added that Leposavic was in Kosovo," V.R. said.

Our interlocutor said that the police officers told him that he had to change his driver's license because it was not valid and he told him that in English.

"He told me that I had to change the documents because they were not valid".

The Kosovo Police has not been visible to a greater extent in the north since the members of the Serbian community left Kosovo's institutions, except for the special units that searched vehicles near administrative crossings.