Serbs and American KFOR members measured their strength in a tug-of-war in Leposavic

Source: Kosovo Online

Today, Serbs from Leposavic measured their strength with American KFOR members in a tug-of-war.

Namely, the Serbs in Leposavic have been protesting for the ninth day since the violent usurpation of the municipality building, and today the "Workers' Sports Games 2023" continued, which started yesterday.

These games have been traditionally held in Leposavic for over 45 years.

This time, American KFOR members participated and ultimately won with a score of 2-1 in the duel against the locals from Leposavic.

After a fair and sportsmanlike game, the soldiers withdrew to the front of the municipality, which is surrounded by barbed wire.

In this way, the Serbs from Leposavic wanted to send a message of peace, hoping that the world would understand how much they desire a peaceful and free life, persisting in their peaceful approach to their demands.

It is worth mentioning that two days ago, near the municipal building in Zvecan, where a temporary fence was installed, a young boy presented woven wreaths made of grass to the KFOR soldiers as a gift for the holiday of the Holy Trinity, while a Greek soldier signed T-shirts for graduating students who celebrated their graduation in Zvecan.