Thaci: The "Yellow House" did not exist; there is no justice when the innocent are persecuted; I expect them to release me

Hašim Tači
Source: Kosovo Online

The former KLA leader and President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, during today's address to the court, stated that the "Yellow House" had never existed, nor had the organ trade, and that he expected to be acquitted of all other charges.

Thaci said that when Dick Marty's report had appeared in the media 13 years ago, he had immediately asked the international community to conduct an independent investigation.

"The international community has informed me that the Special Court is essential in order to refute those dark allegations of organ trafficking attributed to Kosovo. The world now knows that there was no organ trafficking, the “Yellow House” never existed, and neither the KLA nor I am guilty of what is being prescribed to us," Thaci said.

At the beginning of his presentation, Thaci stated that he felt sadness and pain for all the victims, regardless of nationality, religious affiliation, or political orientation.

"There is no justice for the victims when the innocent are persecuted. One injustice cannot be righted and repaired by another. I am not guilty of any of the charges against me, however I am ready to face a new challenge and achieve success for the sake of my family, people, and country. Our road to freedom was long and difficult. I was a student, and a political refugee, when the Jashari family was massacred, and then, like many other Albanians in the diaspora, I returned to the country to join the resistance movement for freedom. Anyone would do the same in our place. The KLA was made up of ordinary people, and volunteers who tried to defend their homes, families, houses, and communities. They fought, and many of them died a brave death for freedom," Thaci said.

The former commander of the KLA, who is on trial for war crimes, and crimes against humanity, stated that thousands of people had lost their loved ones in numerous massacres committed by Serbian forces.

"Our opponents were the police, the army, and paramilitary formations - hardened fighters because of their experience in Bosnia. Without the national resistance, there would be no Kosovo today.

The people of Kosovo did not want war, they wanted peace, and war was imposed on them. We in Kosovo are on the right side of history. Today I am happy that the people of Kosovo live in a free, independent Kosovo. Unfortunately, we will not hear the testimony of Madeleine Albright, Holbrook, Demaci, and other leaders. They would also testify in my favor about what I said and did in the important period of Kosovo's history. I am glad that many others like them offered to testify about my innocence. We knew that without the help of the international community, and especially the US, we would never be able to be free or independent. We, in Kosovo, have always supported real and international justice," Thaci said.

Thaci said that he expected that he would be acquitted of all the remaining charges against him and that this would be the epilogue of this trial.

"This is already the fourth trial on the same charges. All international justice mechanisms have held talks with me on several occasions, I always responded, I cooperated with everyone, and all processes were transparent, both in Pristina and here. No one can rewrite history. I am convinced that the procedure will be fair and expeditious," Thaci concluded.