The Church of the Holy Fathers in the village of Zupce burglarized again, locals in fear: Police are not taking any action

Obijena crkva u Zupču
Source: Kosovo Online

In the village of Zupce in the municipality of Zubin Potok, the Church of the Holy Fathers was burglarized again last night, for the umpteenth time.

Zoran Radojevic, a resident of the village, says for Kosovo Online that this church has been burglarized at least 15 times so far, and no one has ever been held accountable for it.

"This morning, the church was burglarized again, for the umpteenth time. Last year three times, and this year, it started on Little Christmas. Before that, it has been burglarized at least 15 times so far. This time, a certain amount of money was taken, and last year they took a lawnmower that we use for mowing around the church. As residents, we feel unsafe because the police are not taking any action. Although we expect the perpetrators to be brought to justice, so far that has not been the case, and no one has been arrested for such offenses", Radojevic said.

Thieves stole money left in the notebook where contributions are recorded, while the money on the icons was untouched, as well as in the souvenir shop, even though it was also burglarized.

Surveillance cameras were not functioning because they were broken during the previous robbery at the end of August last year.