Djosic: An Albanian neighbor attacked me in the presence of my child, there is no protection for us here...

Source: Kosovo Online

In the village of Donja Brnjica near Pristina, 38-year-old Mladen Djosic was beaten last night by an Albanian from the same village in a market, in the presence of his son, breaking his nose. Instead of apprehending the attacker, the Kosovo police initially detained Djosic and his father. Djosic told Kosovo Online that his father recently had issues with the attacker regarding the sale of vegetables.

Hoping for protection, Djosic called the Kosovo police after the attack. However, the police first detained him and his father, only apprehending the attackers several hours later.

After being detained, Djosic was taken to a hospital in Pristina, from where he was returned to the station to give a statement.

He then voluntarily went to the Clinical Center of Kosovo and Metohija (KBC) in Mitrovica, where doctors determined that his nose was broken by the blow.

"Between 8 and 9 PM, I went to the nearby market in the village with my son to buy bread. There was a neighbor who recently moved in. Unprovoked, he approached me. I told him not to attack me, that I would call the police, and suddenly he hit me," Djosic said.

He recounted that the police appeared within minutes and used excessive force against him.

"They arrested me while I was injured, as well as my sick father. They detained us, took me from the station to the hospital, stitched the wound, and brought me back to the police station to give a statement. After that, I went to KBC in Mitrovica where they confirmed my nose was broken and treated my injuries," Djosic recounted.
As he added, the police did not protect them but detained them, even though they did not want any trouble with the attacker.

"The Albanian who attacked me came to our place about ten days ago. We sell vegetables, and he was entering our greenhouse, picking peppers... My father told him there was no need for that because he was breaking the plant, and that we would pick them for him as we did. At that moment, he attacked my father. Then his uncle came to apologize, and we told him there was no need for them to come to buy from us anymore, as we didn't want any trouble. Last night was the first encounter after that, and he reacted this way. His wife works in the police, and they harassed us more than they protected us; there is no protection for us here... That's just how things are, what can we do..." Djosic said worriedly.

He emphasized that he was informed that the attacker was detained but does not know if he has been released.

"It wasn't the right moment for that; both my child and his were there when he attacked me, hitting me... I did not provoke him, the cameras recorded everything. They detained us first, then him later, and I don't know if he has been released. We don't know anything else. They are putting a lot of pressure on us," Djosic added.
The residents of Donja Brnjica are often targets of vandals. Recently, several Serbian houses in the village were robbed, and graffiti with the acronym UÇK (Kosovo Liberation Army) was written. Four years ago, an Albanian from the village fired shots in the schoolyard while children were present.