Dragisa Milenkovic arrested in Gracanica for an alleged war crime

Porodična kuća Milenkovića
Source: Kosovo Online

In Gracanica today, special forces of the Kosovo Police arrested Serb Dragisa Milenkovic (51), his family members confirmed for Kosovo Online.

Milenkovic was arrested shortly after 10 a.m., and according to his family, he is being charged with alleged war crimes.

The arrest was carried out by members of the Kosovo Police Special Crime Unit.

Disturbed neighbors and residents gathered in front of Milenkovic's family home after the arrest.

Due to the shock caused by her husband's arrest, Milenkovic's wife was transferred to the hospital.

"Due to the shock caused by her husband's arrest, she experienced high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels," Marina Mandic, the doctor on duty at the Emergency Medical Service, said.