Lepina: The home of the Slavic family was broken into - the fourth time it was targeted by thieves

Lepina Lipljan Boban Slavić pljačka pokušaj Kosovo online
Source: Kosovo Online

In the village of Lepina, near Lipljan, unknown perpetrators broke into the home of Boban Slavic's five-member family this evening.

The thieves broke the window and broke the blinds on the house, while the Slavics were out for a walk.

However, the thieves failed to rob them because the family returned home at that moment.

Boban Slavic pointed out that his home is the target of thieves for the fourth time.

"The robbery happened around 9:15 p.m., while we were out for a walk. We returned quickly and saw that the house had been ransacked, but the thief did not take anything. This is the fourth time we have been targeted by thieves. The perpetrators have not been found. I hope that the police will now manage to find them," Slavic said.

The police came to the scene and conducted an investigation.