The Maksimovic family from Suvi Do near Lipljan was robbed; the thieves took gold and money

Pljačka u Suvom Dolu
Source: Privatna arhiva

In Suvi Do, near Lipljan, another Serbian family house was broken into and robbed last night. Thieves broke into Mitar Maksimovic's house and took gold and money.

Mitar's daughter, Milica Maksimovic, noticed that the house had been ransacked and robbed today around 1 p.m.

"Around 1 p.m., I came to the house to unlock the door, because my father was at work, and my mother was visiting her sister in Kosovska Mitrovica. I noticed a half-open window and a torn netting. When we entered the house, we saw that all the drawers were scattered, and beds moved; in the room where I slept with my sister, the mattress was turned upside down. All the documents, glasses, and mugs were scattered," Milica says anxiously for Kosovo Online.

She adds that the thieves took gold and silver jewelry and money.

"Gold, a bracelet, three or four rings, some silver, and about 2,000 euros were taken from the jewelry boxes," she adds.

After the theft was reported today, the police went to the scene and conducted an investigation.

Milica adds that this is not the first time her family has been robbed, but that the perpetrators have never been found.

"This is not the first robbery, they took our tractor ten years ago, the perpetrators were never found, so we don't expect it now either," she said.

Robberies of Serbian houses have been a frequent occurrence in central Kosovo in recent weeks. Last night, the family of Boban Slavic from Lepina was robbed.