Slobodan Milic from Plemetina: Thieves broke into our house last night, they took everything

Opljačkana porodica Milić
Source: Privatna arhiva

Last night in Plemetina, while the Milic family was away from home, burglars ransacked their house, taking money, gold, and tools, Slobodan Milic said for Kosovo Online.

"The robbery occurred around 6:45 PM; my sister and mother were having coffee at a neighbor's house. It all happened quickly. They were gone for about 45 minutes. Thieves looted everything from the basement to the attic. They took some money, gold jewelry, and tools that were in the attic," Slobodan Milic said.

The police arrived at the scene and conducted an investigation, as Milic added.

"The police conducted an investigation, collecting fingerprints that were visible in certain areas. Now, we have to wait and hope that the culprits will be found," Milic said.

Milic stresses that the family members are disturbed after the robbery, but the most important thing is that everyone is safe and unharmed.