Ambassador of Cyprus: Position on non-recognition of Kosovo is principled and consistent

Dimitrios Teofilaktu
Source: Politika

The Ambassador of Cyprus in Serbia, Demetrios Theophylactou, stated that that country has a consistent position on not recognizing the independence of Kosovo, and that Cyprus respects the territorial integrity of both Serbia and all other countries.

"Our position on non-recognition of Kosovo is principled and consistent, and not only because we have a similar problem. In order to be credible, we must be guided by consistent and principled positions, in accordance with international law," he had told Theophylactou for today's Politika.

Asked whether Cyprus suffers any consequences due to such an attitude, the ambassador said that when the vital national interests of the so-called small states are not in line with the interests of others, mostly "bigger players", certain pressures or consequences must be foreseen.

"Regardless of the economic or other consequences, states should not make decisions under pressure," he told Theophylactou.

The ambassador, who is at the end of his diplomatic mandate, added that Cyprus, in accordance with EU policy, supports the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and, together with other members, insists on the full implementation of provisions concerning Serbian municipalities in Kosovo.

Cyprus is one of the five European Union member states that do not recognize Kosovo's independence, and recently voted against Kosovo's application for membership in the Council of Europe.