Brnabic and Hill at the promotion of the Pupin Initiative, a new chapter in the relations between Serbia and the USA

Brnabić i Hil
Source: Vlada Republike Srbije

The Pupin Initiative, the first Serbian privately funded non-profit organization based in Belgrade and Washington, which will comprehensively address Serbian-US relations by creating policy proposals, solutions, and strategies, was presented tonight in the presence of the Prime Minister of Serbia, Ana Brnabic, and the US Ambassador to Serbia, Christopher Hill, RTV reports.

During the ceremony held on the birthday of one of the greatest Serbian scientists, Mihajlo Pupin, while speaking about the Initiative, whose members, as announced, would work on strengthening Serbia's international position, proposing development strategies for Serbia, and exchanging knowledge and experience between the United States and Serbia, Brnabic emphasized that it came as a breath of fresh air, especially in these complex times, not only in Europe but also in the world.

"The Pupin Initiative comes as a breath of fresh air, and I don't mean just in the context of Serbian-US relations but because by establishing it, you set an example for other young people to continue dreaming and initiating change in Serbia as a democratic society - because that is the only Serbia that can be strong and resilient," Brnabic said regarding the Initiative aimed at opening a new chapter in Serbia-US relations.

The Prime Minister assesses the initiative as important for Serbia, the partnership, and the collaboration between the two countries - as a link that should lead us towards a much stronger, technologically advanced, and resilient Serbia.

The US Ambassador also highlighted the significance of the Pupin Initiative and emphasized that he would do everything in his power to support it.

"I want all of Serbia to hear about you, the entire Serbian-US community, so that everyone knows what we can do together for a better future for our two countries... If we work together, we would be stronger in the region, strengthen Europe, and the EU, which would be stronger with Serbia's accession, and our partnership and relationship would be stronger," Hill said.

He stressed that the Pupin Initiative exemplified what he always talked about, which was that there were more things that united the Serbs and Americans than those that divided them.

One of the founders of the Initiative, Vuk Velebit, stated that the goal of the Pupin Initiative was to create a new chapter in the relationship between the two countries - a chapter that would bear the name of Mihajlo Pupin.

Velebit said that everyone gathered within the Initiative wanted to write and create a new narrative in the relations between Serbia and the United States.

"Serbia must not allow itself to be a bridgehead that others will use to destabilize the region. Americans can understand well that Serbia will be the main driver of economic processes, and it wants to exert influence through the economy and capital exports," Velebit said, adding that they would not be funded by any government to maintain independence in their work.

According to him, better relations also mean a better position for Serbia in the region, and focusing on Serbian interests represents a new Serbian patriotism for them.