Hill: Events in Banjska are tragic; important to rekindle dialogue

Kristofer Hil
Source: Kosovo Online

US Ambassador to Belgrade, Christopher Hill, stated today that the violence that had occurred in Banjska, Kosovo, was a "tragic event" and emphasized the need to continue the political process and rekindle dialogue as soon as possible.

Hill participated in a public debate on "Changing Geopolitical Environment and Challenges to the International Legal Order," organized by the Council for Strategic Policy in cooperation with the Embassy of Bulgaria in Serbia, during which he condemned the killing of an Albanian police officer in Banjska.

"We all must condemn the killing of the Kosovo police officer and we always mourn the loss of life, but it is crucial to continue the political process. Currently, a process is underway that should rekindle dialogue," Hill said.

He added that the situation was being taken seriously, discussions were being held on what steps to take, and he stressed the importance of continuing the diplomatic process.