Citaku: Corruption and scandals follow Kurti's Government; the Prosecution should investigate all cases

Vljora Čitaku
Source: Reporteri

The Vice President of the PDK, Vlora Citaku, condemned the corruption and scandals that followed the Government of Kosovo and that had affected most sectors and institutions, Reporteri reports.

Citaku said at the press conference today that the defense of the Government and the Prime Minister against these affairs was incomprehensible and called on the Prosecution to investigate every case reported by the media.

"As you have seen during the time, the list of corruption of this Government is growing every day. Media reports show that the exponents of the party-state did not leave any sector without expanding the network of corruption, including the most important: electricity, wheat, and oil. Yesterday we also saw reports of misuse of funds intended for communities, and by chance, it turned out that the people who benefited were family members of the ministers of this Government. Many of them had no idea what those funds were used for," Citaku said.

She added that the Prime Minister and the members of the Government were "defending themselves with hysterical attacks on the Prosecution and the media".

"We call on the competent institutions, the police, and the Prosecution, to urgently investigate all the affairs of this Government and not allow the destruction and loss of evidence - like they lost oil and grain," she emphasized.

Citaku said that Kurti's Government had not declared war on corruption, but on journalists who exposed cases of corruption.

"Ambassador Martin Berishaj continues to hold office, despite the revealed facts linking him to the embezzlement of millions of euros. Nagip Krasniqi, suspected of abuse of office, a friend of Prime Minister Kurti, despite his arrest, was only suspended from office. Rozeta Hajdari, who bought wheat from construction companies, and the wheat never arrived in Kosovo, is still in office. Five ministers, deputy ministers, and many other officials, in many institutions, are today under investigation by the Task Force for the fight against corruption in the Kosovo Police," Citaku reminded.

She said that none of those mentioned had been held accountable and that the Government had not declared war on corruption, but on journalists, who uncovered corruption and who investigated it.

Citaku emphasized that the audio recordings published in the media revealed the great pressure exerted on the state administration and civil servants by state officials and that they thereby violated the law.

"Every day, the halo of moral superiority, which Self-Determination claimed to have as a party with clean hands, is being destroyed more and more. The facts show that these were just empty phrases. On the audio recordings, you can also hear the great pressure exerted on the state administration and civil servants, that they do not respect the law, but break it. While the affairs are increasing, the abuse of official duties affects all institutions of this Government, and the citizens, unfortunately, suffer the consequences,” she pointed out.

She emphasized that rising prices, unemployment, and poverty were the three biggest problems that the citizens of Kosovo were facing today.