Congressman Swalwell: Relations between Serbia and the US are growing and developing; Ambassador Djuric is a first-class representative of further strengthening the ties

Erik Svolvel
Source: Ambasada Srbije u SAD

Congressman Eric Swalwell said that the relations between Serbia and the US were growing and developing and that they had never been this strong, and added that the Ambassador of Serbia to the US, Marko Djuric, was a first-class representative of the further strengthening of the ties between the two countries.

Swalwell, speaking at the reception in the new building of the Serbian Embassy in Washington on the occasion of the Statehood Day and the Day of the Serbian Armed Forces, referred to his recent visit to Belgrade, during which, accompanied by Ambassador Djuric, he met with President Aleksandar Vucic and had the opportunity to meet many infrastructure projects that are being implemented under the leadership of President Vucic, as well as to see for himself the relationship that the Government of Serbia and the American Embassy in Belgrade have on the ground, the Embassy of Serbia in the US announced.

"When it comes to American-Serbian relations, as I see them, there are no limits to their further development. I have to emphasize once again that Ambassador Marko Djuric is an outstanding, first-class representative of the further strengthening of ties between Serbia and the US," Swalwell said.

According to the congressman, since the celebration of the great jubilee in the joint diplomatic history two years ago, relations between Serbia and the US have further developed and progressed. Among the key factors, he sees Serbian exports to America in the fields of art, medicine, biotechnology, and information technology, as well as finding new economic ways of cooperation.

"This is precisely why I support the "Open Balkan" initiative led by Serbia with the aim of creating a trade zone and opening up new opportunities for trade cooperation, both in the region and with the US," Swalwell emphasized.

He appreciated the activities of friends from Serbia regarding the crisis in Ukraine, which he hoped would end soon.

"On the humanitarian front, Serbia welcomed and accepted more than 25,000 refugees from Ukraine with open arms. It also stood shoulder to shoulder with the US at the United Nations, voting again and again to condemn Russia's actions and calling for the complete withdrawal of troops from Ukraine. It also donated equipment for the reconstruction of the electric power infrastructure," Swalwell concluded.