Djuric: US business delegation's visit to Belgrade is a clear signal of Serbia's success

Marko Đurić
Source: Kosovo Online

The Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the US, Marko Djuric, said on the occasion of the visit of the US business delegation to Serbia that it was a crystal clear signal of the success of Serbia as an investment destination, as well as confirmation of a stable and strong economic environment in the country.

"Another door has been opened for American investments in Serbia through our partners from the American-Central European Business Association (ACEBA). I am very pleased by the fact that even three large round tables, which our Embassy in Washington organized with member companies of this Association in the past two years alone, were crowned with this significant visit, which is a true harbinger of further concrete steps in cooperation," Djuric pointed out, as stated in the announcement of the Embassy of Serbia in the US.

Enumerating the 16 companies that are part of the business delegation, including Bechtel, Pfizer, Motorola, Merck, Oshkosh Defense, Visa, Citi, Palo Alto, and Northrop Grumman, Djuric expressed the hope that the planned talks with our highest officials and relevant ministers in the areas of trade, dedicated industry, finance, economy, energetics, healthcare, as well as ICT services, would bear fruit not only through new investments and partnerships but also through further improvement of existing activities and expansion of operations of the US companies in Serbia.

"It is a great success for Serbia to host the second largest trade mission out of over fifty missions that ACEBA has organized throughout Central and Eastern Europe so far. That is proof that our country, thanks to a good and reliable economic policy, positive macroeconomic parameters, and fiscal stability in the previous period, despite global geopolitical and economic challenges, managed to position itself as a market of interest and a business environment with significant potential in many branches of economy and industry. President Vucic set work on attracting investments as one of the key priorities of our mission," Djuric concluded.