Dacic: We are not looking for what belongs to someone else, we are defending our own

Ivica Dačić
Source: Kosovo Online

The president of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, said that the Serbs were in a situation where they had to justify why Serbia did not want to accept the territorial integrity of Kosovo.

Dacic, at the seventh SNSD Convention, which has been held today in Doboj, pointed out that international pressure should be directed towards those who would like to create a unitary Bosnia and Herzegovina, as opposed to the equality of all three peoples.

"To those who would like to choose their Croats from among the Croatian people and their Serbs from among the Serbian people. They won't be able to do that. And that's why the Republic of Serbia, and therefore of course the Socialist Party of Serbia, firmly stands behind the Republic of Srpska, the rights of the Serbian people and behind the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik," said Dacic.

He pointed out that the situation was similar on the territory of the entire former Yugoslavia.

"In the sense of challenging the right of the Serbian people to Kosovo and Metohija and the territorial integrity of the Republic of Serbia. We are now in a situation where we need to justify to someone why it was violated, and why Serbia does not want to accept the territorial integrity of Kosovo and Metohija, the so-called Kosovo, and we are constantly accused of violating it. And no one questions how it was violated and why the territorial integrity of Serbia was violated. That is why Serbia and the Serbian people as a whole are so firm in their views, because we are simply defending ourselves. Each of us is a part of that space of the Serbian people. I was born in Kosovo and Metohija, you were born here in Republic of Srpska. We are not looking for someone else's, we are defending our own," said Dacic.