Djuric about the postponement of the implementation of the CBK regulation: Kurti must crawfish in this way

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Source: Ambasada Srbije u SAD

Serbian Ambassador to the USA Marko Djuric stated tonight, regarding the postponement of the implementation of the Central Bank of Kosovo regulation, that he did not trust Albin Kurti and perceived this move, until there were changes on the ground, as an attempt at another manipulation and "getting out" of this situation.

"My first associations with the name Albin Kurti have become mistrust, lies, and pressure on the Serbs, which he has been conducting since he took office almost three years ago. I don't trust him, and until we see something change on the ground, I see this as an attempt at manipulation and getting out of the difficult situation he has found himself in," Djuric told Tanjug.

He pointed out that Kurti now had to "crawfish" in this way, due to the fact that Serbia had launched a successful approach and a successful offensive that had put Kurti in a situation where he had to justify himself and find a way to reduce the pressure on himself and his side.

"For us, this is not enough; it is necessary for concrete changes to occur on the ground for the better, for him to stop obstructing the functioning of Serbian schools, hospitals, and all the basic services that make people in Kosovo and Metohija suffer due to that pressure," Ambassador Djuric noted.

He stated that Kurti had also tried to deceive the international public at the UN Security Council meeting that Kosovo was a multi-ethnic, democratic, and "very tolerant" environment and that the goal of this measure was to improve the lives of citizens.

Additionally, he says, Kurti lied by claiming that he had postponed the decision for a month, while in practice, special forces had been stopping the transport of money provided by Serbia for the Serbs in Kosovo.

"President Aleksandar Vucic exposed these lies at the UN, asking why the transport of money, usually conducted by the British licensed company 'Henderson', had been stopped, why hospitals and schools could not be supplied, and pointed out Kurti's absurd claims that we were transferring money to Kosovo in some bags, even though the British company legally transports dinars, the only legitimate means of payment in Serbia," Djuric emphasized.

He noted that Kurti was actually trying to implement a process aimed at affirming his position regarding Kosovo's independence, disregarding the fact that hospitals were running out of medicine due to his ethno-nationalist terror, 69,000 beneficiaries were without salaries and pensions, students were without scholarships, and 256 schools...

"Kurti has put a lock on all of this. We have clearly pointed this out to the international community. Vucic initiated the convening of an emergency session of the Security Council, shedding light on what Kurti is doing to the international community, as the session was held, even though some in Belgrade tried to claim that Serbia and Vucic would never initiate such a session. The session was successfully held because Kurti found himself in an unfavorable situation, which forces him to try, I believe falsely, to show that he is doing something to change it," Djuric said.

He reiterated that 13 out of a total of 15 UN Security Council member states had either expressed concern or condemned Kurti's actions, which, he recalled, had not happened since 1999, as the "stance" had always been along the lines of countries that recognized Kosovo and those that did not recognize it; those that recognized it had always unconditionally supported Pristina, while those that did not recognize Kosovo had been on Serbia's side.

"Now those boundaries, to Kurti's horror, are blurred. We had a clear condemnation of his actions from several countries that recognize Kosovo, such as France, Malta, and even the United States, whose ambassador clearly stated that uncoordinated actions that harmed the Serbian community should not be implemented but withdrawn," the Serbian Ambassador stated.

He says the UN Security Council session was a good day for exposing what Kurti is doing to the Serbs in Kosovo and a good day to hear the truth about what Kurti's regime is turning Kosovo into.

"Vucic recalled that a convincing majority of states recognize Serbia's territorial integrity, including Kosovo and Metohija. When you put the numbers and see that 109, 110 UN member states support Serbia, which is the majority of humanity, it creates momentum that makes it easier for us to fight for our position," Djuric said.

Regarding President Vucic's announcement that he would return to Serbia and take an important position in the country, Djuric said it was an honor and pride for him to have been a part of Vucic's team so far, and that he was ready to work with great enthusiasm, reminding that his four-year term in the United States was coming to an end.

"Regardless of how the tangle of personnel combinations unfolds, I will soon have to return to Serbia. In any case, it is an honor for me that we had the opportunity and succeeded in raising Serbia's profile in America, creating a better political infrastructure for representing Serbia," Djuric said, recalling the new Embassy building, not far from the White House, owned by the state permanently, the new residence, twice as big Serbian Caucus, and the establishment of the American-Serbian Business Council, which brought together the largest companies...

"We have mobilized the Serbs in the USA. In the last six months, we have held three significant conferences, gathered the Serbs from all over America, and mobilized them to action, to be more engaged with their congressmen, senators, governors from their states... This, in the medium term, and certainly in the long run, creates incomparably better conditions for the Serbian interest to be preserved and protected here. I am convinced that the work will continue because it is a strategic interest," Djuric said.

Regarding specific functions, he says, the highest state and party organs will decide.

"Today, I am focused on the gala event at the residence, where I will host several hundred guests, congressmen, generals, Gabriel Escobar, Christopher Hill, and leaders of the Serbian diaspora. We want to celebrate the Statehood Day of Serbia. Modern Serbian statehood, which is over two centuries old, but Serbian statehood generally extends thousands of years into history, and we want to share our culture, tradition, our heritage in the best way with the public in Washington," Ambassador Djuric said.