Hoti: UN Security Council session on Kosovo "nothing special" - both sides sticking to their positions, no progress

Afrim Hoti
Source: Kosovo Online

The United Nations Security Council session on Kosovo was "nothing special" according to analyst Afrim Hoti, as he says both sides firmly held their positions, resulting in no progress.

"I think nothing special happened; it was a regular session of the United Nations Security Council. Each side maintained its position, with no progress from either Serbia or Kosovo," Hoti told for Kosovo Online.

He believes that yesterday's session demonstrated that the Security Council is a council without any jurisdiction in this case.

"That is my perception, but everything depends on the progress at the EU level," said Hoti.

He repeats that the sides have remained in their opposing positions, and there is no willingness from either side to move things forward.

"Serbia is holding its position, while Kosovo is trying to make progress and ultimately become a member of the UN," added Hoti.

Asked whether UNMIK presented a realistic picture of Kosovo, he says that it did, but also notes that UNMIK is an organization without any jurisdiction in Kosovo, which "nobody asks anything about," leading to calls for ending or revising UNMIK's position.

 "There is no justification on the ground to have UNMIK which has no authority," said Hoti.