Jevtic: Citizens are asking for an increase in the number of KFOR members; they are facing many challenges

Dalibor Jevtić
Source: Kosovo Online

The mayor of Strpce, Dalibor Jevtic, pointed out that the citizens' request was to increase the presence of KFOR and the police, adding that at a time of great concern, the Kosovo Police Headquarters sent a letter requesting the sending of the Serbs, members of the Kosovo Police, from Strpce to the north.

He said on TV Pink that the wounded Miloc was at home, while Stefan was still in the hospital, but he added that the most important thing was that they were alive, since everything could have ended tragically.

"The fact that someone from the headquarters of the Kosovo Police sent a letter to Strpce requesting that a certain number of the Serb police officers be sent to the north at a time when a greater presence of police officers is needed in Strpce, which is a very bad message," Jevtic said.

"We talked about it with the representatives of the international community, and they said that anyone who did not want to leave would not be sanctioned, and I want to believe that. But that request points to the problem of the government's attitude towards the issue of the safety and life of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija," Jevtic said.

He pointed out that the meeting with the high delegation of the State Department had been good.

"We managed to convey the concerns of the citizens, taking into account everything that has been going on lately, especially since Albin Kurti has been in power. We want to believe that they can influence Kurti to come to his senses, to stop the rhetoric that affects Albanians. When Kurti says that we are terrorists and criminals, and when an Albanian listens to that, that man gives himself the right to come and hurt someone," Jevtic emphasized.

As he stated, in Kosovo the member of the Kosovo Security Forces, who shot the boy and the young man was presented as a hero.

"The narrative is that he is a hero, they glorify him and that is wrong. They want to defend him because he is a member of the Kosovo Security Forces, they say he shot in self-defense, but we don't know what he was defending himself from. When you have such a narrative, then other young people come forward who want to be heroes. That's why we ask the institutions whose job it is to ensure our security, to deal more seriously with this issue," Jevtic said.

According to him, the Serbs in Kosovo had been facing various challenges for decades.

The Mayor of Strpce stated that by appointing Nenad Rasic as the Minister for Communities and Returns, Kurti had sent a message that he only wanted obedient Serbs by his side.

"The status of these people among the common people is shown by the fact that the US delegation did not meet with them, but with those they know have the support of the common people. But Kurti's message is that he does not want to respect even the laws of Kosovo when appointing political representatives of Serbs in such positions," Jevtic stressed.

Jevtić pointed out that Kurti did not respect the laws of Kosovo.

As he said, the protest in Strpce had been very important because of the messages that had been sent.

"The protest was very important because of the messages that were sent, but it hurt many Albanians because they did not expect such a large number of people. We have no expectations from the Kosovo authorities, on the other hand, young people's expectations from Serbia are high, Serbia helps a lot through the Office for Kosovo and Metohija; Vucic knows much better than others what the situation in Kosovo and Metohija is. He is trying to save a life with his actions," Jevtic said.

Jevtic added that the parents of the young man and boy had been the most rational in the most difficult situation.

They are grateful to everyone because they saw that they are not alone. The wounds will heal, but the shock that little Stefan experienced will be hard to forget. Through the support that Stefan and Miloc receive, we see that we are not alone," Jevtic concluded.