KFOR: Current Situation in Kosovo is peaceful, but still fragile

Kfor kontrliše administativnu liniju
Source: Facebook

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti wrote yesterday on social media that "special units of the Serbian Army have been noticed just a few meters from the border with Kosovo." This prompted a response from Colonel Zoran Jovanovic, the head of the Commission for the Implementation of the Military-Technical Agreement, who stated that this was part of a continued campaign of disinformation aimed against the Serbian Army and security forces of the Republic of Serbia. Now, KFOR has also responded.

Responding to Kosovo Online's inquiry about Kurti's claims, KFOR stated that "the current situation in Kosovo is peaceful, but remains fragile."

"After recent tensions, we have deployed around 1,000 additional soldiers to Kosovo and increased KFOR's presence in the north of Kosovo. We have also tripled the number of patrols, including along the administrative boundary. Thus, KFOR maintains a flexible and visible presence throughout Kosovo, enabling our mission to carefully monitor any relevant security developments and respond to any situations affecting the safe and secure environment. Our goal is to prevent escalation, and we are ready and equipped to take all necessary measures to fulfill our UN mandate to provide a safe and secure environment for all people living in Kosovo and freedom of movement. We will continue to do so in various ways, including patrols, engagement with the local population, and regular dialogue with a wide range of counterparts, including representatives of security organizations in Kosovo, the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Army, the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), the United Nations Mission in Kosovo, the OSCE, and the diplomatic corps," the KFOR response stated.

Furthermore, the response highlights that "KFOR operates in close cooperation with the Kosovo Police and EULEX, as the first and second security responders."

"In doing so, KFOR will continue to create the security framework necessary to support the dialogue mediated by the EU, so that unresolved issues can be resolved for the benefit of all communities. We believe that all parties must refrain from escalation actions and rhetoric that incites division and engage in good faith in a dialogue led by the EU. As NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during his visit to the region last November, stability depends on all parties choosing dialogue and diplomacy over conflict and violence," the KFOR response concludes.