Milovic: Among you, there are no members of the so-called Wagner Group, here are citizens of Zvecan who have lived there for centuries

Milović ispred opštine Zvečan
Source: Kosovo Online

The former mayor of Zvecan, Dragisa Milovic, said today that the Serbs had again gathered in large numbers in front of the Zvecan municipality building and would remain there until their demands were met, noting that they wanted this situation to be resolved peacefully.

Milovic, addressing the citizens gathered at what he emphasized was a peaceful and democratic demonstration in front of the Zvecan municipality building, reminded that one of their demands was for the special units to withdraw from that building and for the arrested persons, Rados Petrovic and Dusan Obrenovic, to be released as soon as possible. for whom, as he said, he had information that they had been transferred from the police station in South Mitrovica to Pristina, where they should appear before the court at noon.

"We know that they are innocent, Rados had his back turned with me, that's why our message is to let our people go as soon as possible, and we are here and we will stay until our demands are met. There are no illegal structures here among you, no organized criminal gangs, members of the so-called Wagner Group, young men who, as they say from Pristina, want to burn everything that is not Serbian. Here are citizens of our municipality who have lived in Zvecan for years and centuries, here are also our brothers from North Mitrovica. The Serbs have lived here since the 11th century, the walls of the city of Zvecan testify to that, these protests are not against KFOR, NATO, and we regret the conflicts imposed on us," he said.

He states that they wish everyone who was injured, above all Dragisa Galjak, to recover as soon as possible and that the pictures from Monday never happen again.

"These are protests because, on May 26, Friday, special units from Pristina violently and unilaterally occupied the Zvecan municipality building. We are asking for an answer as to whether KFOR assisted, and we demand that those units move away with rifles and armored personnel carriers and leave the municipal building. The reason why they did it is that some mayors who got 100 votes in some elections in containers could come and want to represent these people. They are not acceptable, that is our message," Milovic said.

He points out that they want to resolve this situation peacefully and that is why those who care about health are with them today, they helped the injured, and there were more than 50 of them, and they also treated members of KFOR, EULEX, and UNMIK successfully.

"Among us are heroes who fought against covid, with us are employees of the   Clinical Hospital Center Kosovska Mitrovica, Health Center Kosovska Mitrovica, and Health Center Zvecan; here are ordinary people who want to live peacefully, who are worried about their future and the future of their children, here are the people who say stop Kurti's terror, stop the occupation of the north. That is our demand," he said.