The Pavlovic Today: It was proposed in New York that KFOR should take control of northern Kosovo

Kfor Leposavić
Source: Kosovo Online

During a closed-door meeting between US officials and Western Balkan leaders held last week in New York, coinciding with the United Nations General Assembly session, it was proposed that KFOR should take control in northern Kosovo, according to The Pavlovic Today portal, citing anonymous diplomatic sources.

A high-ranking diplomatic source, who insisted on anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the talks, told The Pavlovic Today that leaders of Western Balkan countries had expressed concern to the US officials about the destabilizing actions of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti in northern Kosovo.

The call for intervention came from "at least two Western Balkan leaders, besides Serbia," urgently requesting the US to stop the "destabilizing activities" of Prime Minister Kurti in Kosovo.

It was proposed that control in northern Kosovo, currently held by the Kosovo Police, be handed over to KFOR.

Western Balkan leaders expressed deep concern about the situation in northern Kosovo created by Prime Minister Kurti's unilateral actions, citing potential consequences that could spill over into the wider region.

They emphasized that instability in this part of Kosovo posed a significant threat to regional peace and security.

The leaders emphasized that the best solution would be to hand over full control of northern Kosovo to KFOR in order to prevent Kurti from destabilizing the region.

It was pointed out that the Serbian population trusted KFOR and EULEX as impartial actors capable of maintaining peace.

Western Balkan leaders believe that transferring full control of northern Kosovo to KFOR would help return Kosovo issues to diplomatic channels and continue the dialogue, which is crucial for resolving ongoing tensions in the region.

Just 24 hours before the meeting at which the international community was to consider this proposal, The Pavlovic Today notes, a concerning incident occurred in Banjska.

This disturbing turn of events raises a pressing question of whether this outbreak of violence was a mere coincidence in light of the upcoming proposal to replace the Kosovo Police with KFOR, the portal indicates.

f the events on Sunday morning had not occurred, it is very likely that the discussion scheduled for Monday would have revolved around the option of KFOR taking control in the north, a matter of great importance to the European Union, the United States, Germany, and France.

A diplomatic source for The Pavlovic Today stated that Prime Minister Kurti's motive for sending Kosovo forces to Banjska had been to shift blame onto the Serbian side and gain legitimacy for further Kosovo Police presence in northern Kosovo.

This move, explained the diplomatic source, directly contradicted Article 9 of the Brussels Agreement from 2013, which stipulated that the composition of the Kosovo Police in the north should reflect the ethnic composition of the population in the four municipalities, specifically the Serb communities in northern Kosovo.

The Pavlovic Today, based on diplomatic sources, believes that discussions regarding KFOR assuming control in northern Kosovo will take place in the coming days.

"Total failure of the EU dialogue. NATO had to take control," a former White House official shared his thoughts with The Pavlovic Today.