Petkovic: We haven't moved from our position, Pristina doesn't want to find a solution

Petar Petković
Source: Kosovo Online

Petar Petkovic, head of the Belgrade delegation in the dialogue with Pristina, stated, after the conclusion of the fifth meeting in Brussels where the ban on dinar payment transactions was discussed, that there has been no movement because "Pristina does not want to find a solution."

"This is already the fifth meeting, and we haven’t moved from our position, while on the other hand, Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija suffer daily due to this unilateral violent decision which has abolished salaries, pensions, social benefits, and jeopardized the operation of our institutions in Kosovo and Metohija," Petkovic told reporters.

He mentioned that Belgrade did everything today in an attempt to find a solution regarding the decision to abolish dinar payment transactions.

"We came up with a constructive proposal which Brussels and [Miroslav] Lajcak and his team assessed as a solid basis for continuing the discussions, demonstrating that we are the constructive side. Pristina came to Brussels without any comment on the EU's ideas, showing that the other side does not want to negotiate or find a solution," said Petkovic.

He emphasized the need for an urgent solution.

"People who are working should be able to receive their earnings in Kosovo and Metohija. They regularly receive their income from the Republic of Serbia into their accounts; there's no problem there and we will try to maintain this, but the problem here is that Pristina does not want a solution. With all the proposals we present, Pristina finds them unsatisfactory. They are making political decisions here with the goal of expelling the Serbian citizens from Kosovo and Metohija. If they wanted a solution, it would have been reached in the previous meeting," Petkovic highlighted.

Lajcak considers Serbia’s proposal constructive

According to him, Lajcak considered Serbia's proposal as constructive.

"But Pristina did not want to accept it. Next week we have a new round and we will again show all our constructiveness, so the international community can see who is to blame and who is violating the basic rights of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija. The main problem is that Pristina will reject everything that is a proposal from the Serbian side. Pristina does not want an agreement and had no proposal, nor does it want to discuss our proposal, even though it was assessed as constructive. Pristina and Albin Kurti do not want a solution or agreement," he emphasized.

He also explained that a crisis with the dinar occurred because Lajcak initiated discussions regarding the formation of the CSM.

"We had several meetings where we started to discuss the statute for the formation of the CSM with experts from the EU. They were good and constructive, but when Pristina saw that this was moving towards finding a solution for the Statute for the formation of the CSM, Kurti abolished the din

inar to now reverse the situation and create a humanitarian catastrophe affecting all Serbs. Now, for five meetings, we have been dealing with the dinar instead of discussing the statute and the CSM. Kurti brought up the dinar issue to divert focus from the formation of the CSM. I say this because right in this building behind me, on April 19, 2013, eleven years ago, the Brussels Agreement was signed, where the main obligation mentioned was the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities," Petkovic emphasized.

He stresses that Pristina openly states that it does not want the Community of Serb Municipalities and does not want rights for the Serbian people.

"Presumably because they trample on agreements, abolish the dinar, persecute Serbs, they are rewarded at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Now all those deputies who voted 'yes' should ask themselves how it is possible that Pristina today rejected all proposals concerning people receiving their salaries, pensions, receiving medical care, and children going to school. That cannot happen, but it can that Serbs are persecuted, arrested, shot at, and this happens in both the north and the south, especially now in the north with fake mayors. Serbs can no longer endure this torture and are leaving, and Pristina does not want an agreement," he emphasized.

He announced that he would call a meeting with the Quint countries upon his return to Belgrade tomorrow, to show them Belgrade's proposals, what Belgrade has done, and to see who is to blame for not reaching a solution and agreement again. As he added, Serbia will show absolute constructiveness, and he announced that he will come to Brussels next week for discussions.

"We will show the proposals to the Quint countries, EU members, we will do everything that is up to us, and then let everyone see who is the one endangering the basic rights of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, and that is Albin Kurti," Petkovic emphasized.

Pristina distracts attention from the abolition of the dinar and the humanitarian catastrophe with lies

He pointed out that Pristina "spreads lies day by day, and it does not matter what it is about, only that it is important to attack Serbs, Serbia, President Aleksandar Vucic." In that sense, he says they lie that the Serbian authorities arrested five people, as well as that they detained buses for 13 hours and held people without food and medicine.

"Nobody stopped anyone. They say that the agreement on free movement has been violated, how so, we do not back down from what we have signed, but that we have increased control at the borders to protect our constitutional order, security, and safety of everyone in the territory of central Serbia, we have the right to do that," he emphasizes.

Stressing that not five people were arrested but only one was detained, Petkovic asks why no questions were raised when the authorities in Pristina arrested Srecko Sofronijevic, when they shot at Serbian boys on Christmas Eve, when they block Serbian goods, stop Serbian worshipers and pilgrims, deny entry to Serbian athletes, him as the chief negotiator.

"All of that is acceptable, but when Serbia implements enhanced control, then it is a problem and lies are fabricated to distract attention from the issue of the abolition of the dinar, causing a humanitarian catastrophe. Kurti has set fire to Kosovo, and now he would set fire to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, all the surrounding states, but Kosovo is not a state, nor will it ever be," Petkovic concluded.