Representatives of the Serb List with Barbano: We demand a larger presence of EULEX in the field and better protection of the SerbsTop of Form

Dekegacija Srpske liste sa Barbanom
Source: Srpska lista

A delegation from the Serb List, led by the party's President Zlatan Elek, met today in North Mitrovica with the head of EULEX, Major General Giovanni Pietro Barbano, to discuss the political and security situation in Kosovo.

As stated by the party, the Serb List requested from Barbano a larger EULEX presence in the field, as well as the tightening of security measures and protection of the Serbs on the ground.

"The Serb List delegation demanded a greater presence of EULEX in the field, with a specific request for EULEX involvement in the security of the Serbs, as well as for our unjustifiably detained compatriots who are in custody", the statement said.

The Serb List emphasized that the interest of the Serb List and all Serbs was the preservation of peace, pointing out that this was also an obligation from EULEX's mandate.