Sarkovic on the incursion of the Kosovo Police into the Provisional Authority Klina: They interrogated us for hours

Kosovska policija
Source: Dukagjini

Bozidar Sarkovic, Commissioner of the Commissariat for Refugees of the Republic of Serbia in the Municipality of Klina and representative of the Serb List told Vecernje Novosti about the action of the Kosovo Police and the raid on the premises of the Provisional Municipal Authority of Klina located in the village of Vidanje.

"More than thirty armed members of the so-called Kosovo Police stormed the premises of the Provisional Municipal Authority of Klina on Friday at ten o'clock, which are located in the village of Vidanje in a private building. The entire house was surrounded, and there was a truck and a tanker in front because they may have anticipated a fire. First, they took our mobile phones and then searched us in detail, asking if we had weapons, and then came the search of drawers, cabinets, bags, pockets, and everything... They took everything we had, and they even took away the certificate of gratitude I received from the children of the local school. After that, they took us to the police station in Klina, where they interrogated us for hours," Sarkovic said.

He says that in the room were Vesna Pesic, the President of the Provisional Municipal Authority, secretary Ivan Popovic, and member Mladen Sarkovic. They asked them if they had weapons, and upon their negative answer, a search followed, and then they were taken to the police station.

"Although the other inspectors during the interrogation at the police station were really correct, one plainclothes inspector verbally harassed me. He asked me who pays me, and I replied that the Republic of Serbia pays me, to which he said that I could no longer work there because there was 'Kosovo'. I told him that it might be the case for him, but it was not for me," Sarkovic recalls.

"Since the said inspector continued with unpleasantness, one colleague and a female inspector ordered him to leave the room, which he did," Sarkovic adds, noting that they were provided with lawyers appointed by the state who speak Serbian, and after hours of interrogation, they were told that charges would be filed against them 'for falsifying documents'.

He emphasizes that Popovic and Mladen Sarkovic were released from questioning earlier, he was released after almost four hours, and they interrogated the President of the Provisional Municipal Authority, Vesna Pesic, the longest, for about five hours.

"In addition to municipal documentation and the entire inventory they seized and took away with a truck that was in front of the building, they took pictures from the wall, calendars, notebooks, even three bags of flour, some cans from the refrigerator, meat, yogurt, drinks – absolutely everything that was in the house where the Provisional Municipal Authority is located," Bozidar Sarkovic explains, noting that even their SIM cards were confiscated.