The Serb List on the attack on a young Serb: Pristina uses Serbs as hostages for political goals in the dialogue

Srpska lista
Source: Facebook

The ethnically motivated attack on a young Serb by attackers of Albanian nationality on the road Dobrotin - Donja Gusterica was a continuation of pressure on the Serbs in central Kosovo, with the ultimate goal of persecution from these areas, the Serb List announced tonight.

"This unprovoked attack is a direct consequence of the two-year anti-Serb hysteria of the regime in Pristina, and systemic passivity when it comes to violence against the Serbs in these areas," the Serb List said.

That's why they demand the international community to exert additional pressure on Kosovo institutions and prevent new incidents through preventive action, and call those responsible for this attack to account.

"It should be emphasized that this ethnically motivated attack, like many before, as a rule, comes right before the negotiations in Brussels, in order to exert additional pressure on the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, but also on the negotiation team in Belgrade, primarily President Aleksandar Vucic. It is obvious that the regime in Pristina is trying to use the Serbs as hostages for its political goals in the dialogue," the statement concluded.