Stano: The European Commission is analyzing and seeking clarification from Pristina regarding the decision to ban dinars

Peter Stano
Source: Kosovo Online

The European Commission (EC) continues to analyze Pristina's decision to suspend the circulation of all currencies except the euro and is seeking clarification on this matter, EC Spokesperson Peter Stano said today, emphasizing that Belgrade and Pristina were expected to avoid uncoordinated actions that did not contribute to the normalization of relations.

"We are still analyzing and seeking explanations about this decision, the reasons for its adoption, motivations, and possible implications. In general, Kosovo and Serbia are expected to avoid uncoordinated actions that are not conducive to the normalization of relations and that could have a negative impact on stability on the ground," Stano said at a press briefing in Brussels.

He called on both sides to address this issue within the framework of the EU-facilitated dialogue.

The EC spokesperson responded to a question about the EC's stance regarding the decision of the central bank in Pristina to ban all currencies on Kosovo older than the euro, considering that the EU's Special Envoy for Dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak, stated in Davos that EU services were analyzing the situation, while Belgrade warns that there will be a halt to salary and pension payments in dinars.