Vilimsky: Paradox that what applies to Ukraine does not apply to Serbia; Serbs in Kosovo in a difficult situation

Harald Vilimski
Source: Kosovo Online

It is paradoxical to demand respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, especially when it comes to Crimea, and at the same time accept the issue of Kosovo as a "status quo," points out Harald Vilimsky, head of the delegation of the Austrian Freedom Party, which won the last elections for the European Parliament in that country.

In an interview with Kosovo Online, he also states that patriotic and national forces, which have strengthened after the elections, will advocate for the return of powers from Brussels to the national level, the dismantling of the leftist ideological majority to prevent fatal decisions like the Green Deal, and to combat illegal migration.

Speaking about EU enlargement, Vilimsky recalled that the FPO declared for halting this process, especially when it comes to Ukraine. They support Serbia's membership in the Union, while they see Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina as completely unprepared for this step.

He explains that they are skeptical about EU enlargement to Ukraine because it would be "more than irresponsible" to admit a country at war into the EU, which would activate the assistance clause and lead to enormous additional financial expenditures for countries like Austria.

Regarding the Western Balkans, he believes that the countries of the region are "anything but ready" for EU accession, especially Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo.

In Kosovo, he states, the difficult situation of the Serbian population must finally be resolved.

"The situation of the Serbian population, who do not live safely in Kosovo, must finally be resolved, and above all the EU's attitude towards this issue. It is paradoxical to demand sovereignty and territorial integrity for Ukraine, especially regarding Crimea, while at the same time accepting Kosovo as the 'status quo'," Vilimsky is clear.

Especially regarding Serbia's entry into the EU, that issue is, he emphasizes – "a black mark that remains on the Union."

"We advocate for Serbia's entry into the EU, but with the fulfillment of accession criteria," Vilimsky pointed out.

The recent European Parliament elections are the first in which the FPO won in national voting in Austria.

"This is not only an outstanding and historic result for us, but also the first important step towards success in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for autumn. Patriotic and conservative parties must win at both the EU and national levels," Vilimsky said.

He is satisfied with the results achieved by allied parties in the Netherlands, France, and Italy.

"At the EU level and in the European Parliament, we want to implement our demands for the return of powers from the EU to the national level and, above all, to dismantle the leftist ideological majority to combat fatal decisions like the 'Green Deal' and illegal migration within the leftist and liberal 'welcome culture'. We have many allies and are trying to form an alliance," Vilimsky said.

For him, it is most important to unite right-wing parties to "break" the leftist majority.

"It is important to create the largest possible right-wing faction, because in this parliament the motto is 'Size matters'. This means that many decisions made at the level of the European Parliament can only be made by a large majority in an alliance, and likewise, fatal decisions can be prevented," Vilimsky believes.

He highlights Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who he says has a decisive role in forming such a faction.

"I believe that if he gathers around him the most important parties, such as the French National Rally, the Dutch PVV, or the Spanish VOX, other parties will follow because there must be close cooperation between the two major right-wing factions – the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) and Identity and Democracy (ID) to break the leftist majority," Vilimsky is convinced.

He also says that the behavior of the European People's Party is crucial.

"The double game of the Christian Democrats, who present themselves as great patriots and reformers before the elections, is history after June 9. If so, you can only 'force' the EPP to the right... Their electorate has significantly shifted to the left in the last five years and enabled the adoption of wrong decisions," Vilimsky repeats, convinced that there is a justified fear that the EPP will retain the monopoly and prefer to pander to the left and liberal forces to advance the centralist idea of disempowering national states.

His stance is that the European Commission should be "disempowered", halved, and left with only those functions that make sense and are in the interest of the citizens.

The question, he adds, is whether Ursula von der Leyen can serve another term as President of the European Commission after "all her scandals", among which he includes the engagement of the investment company "BlackRock" as an official advisor to the EC to the dubious deal with "Pfizer" worth 35 billion euros that was "hidden" before the elections and remains unresolved.

"This describes the state of the Union, which has already distanced itself light-years from the real concerns of citizens and serves only its own interests. The Commission needs to be reconsidered and accordingly disempowered by finally being halved and given only those functions that really make sense and are in the interest of the population. That would be, for example, a commissioner for re-migration," Vilimsky explains.

He believes that one of the most important issues is the structural reform of the EU, which could also mean halving the number of MEPs.

"The European Parliament has 720 MEPs. If you compare that with the US, where the House of Representatives has 435 members, it means you could halve the number of MEPs in the EU and no one would lose anything," he is convinced.

He also advocates for the "abolition" of the two seats of the European Parliament – in Brussels and Strasbourg.

"It is very important – 'Fortress Europe' and 'Fortress Austria'. We want to protect our cultural identity and ensure that we are not overwhelmed by migrants from Arab and African regions. To preserve our 'red-white-red' identity in our country. These points can only be implemented by breaking the leftist and liberal majority and implementing our agenda," Vilimsky added.