Vucic on criticism of the Quint for boycotting the vote on April 21: Shame on you

Aleksandar Vucic
Source: Kosovo Online

The President of Serbia, Aleksadnar Vucic, said this evening that the countries of the Quint, which criticize the Serb List for calling for a boycott of the vote for the removal of the mayor in the north of Kosovo on April 21, should be ashamed of such allegations, reminding that the local elections in the north last year only 3.4 percent of citizens.

"I saw that some are trying to keep their mouths shut, what a shame," Vucic said in response to a journalist's question regarding the fact that the Quint is transferring the announced boycott of voting on April 21 to the Serbs.

As he said, Albin Kurti first organized elections in which 3.4 percent of the citizens turned out, and before that he carried out countless actions against Serbs.

"They arrested Serbs, mistreated, beat, injured people... Then he organized brilliant elections with 3.4 percent of the people who came out. But that's not a problem. They told us just accept to participate and they will resign. When we accepted, they say - they will not resign", reminded Vucic.

After that, he says, they told the Serbs from the Quint to submit a petition, if, he points out, it was necessary to collect the signatures of even 20 percent of registered voters.

"And when, with all the tricks of Kurti, the petty matchmaker, we collect those signatures, they say - no, let's go to the referendum. And, the referendum requires 50 plus 1 vote. Well, there aren't that many Serbs living there... Another 862 people signed up", noted the President of Serbia.

He adds, the Serb List reacted to all of this and pointed out that it was actually pointless, because the Serbs could no longer bear terror.

"Even after 3.4 percent of those who went to the polls, they say - Belgrade is to blame? Shame on you. Look in the mirror, you liars," said Vucic.