Beckovic: The Kosovo drama is unfolding before the eyes of the whole world; it is not about 15 percent of the territory, but about 100 percent of Serbian dignity

Matija Bećković
Source: Ana Tomović, Opština Berane

Academician and poet, Matija Beckovic, at the Saint Sava Academy in Berane pointed out that the Kosovo drama was unfolding in front of the eyes of the whole world, adding that it was not about 15 percent of the territory of the Serbian country, but about 100 percent, face, honor and Serbian dignity, Podgorica Dan reports.

"To the question of what to do, the answer was given once and for all, on Vidovdan in 1389," Beckovic said.

As he pointed out, the Serbian Church of Saint Sava was a fortress of truth, a guardian of memory and identity.

"It is the only roof that the Serbs have and the only institution where they have been free and united for centuries. That is why we should not be surprised that even today it is crucified, and Orthodoxy in the 21st century is declared the greatest enemy," Beckovic said.

Speaking about Saint Sava, Beckovic pointed out that he was the first Serbian archbishop who bequeathed the Serbian land where he had left his footprints everywhere.

"Where the earth is harder and stony, he dug deeper. The Serbian nation is the most important work of Saint Sava, and Saint Sava is the most important work of the Serbs," the poet said.

Beckovic added that what the Cetinje Monastery was for Katun Montenegro, the Djurdjevi Stupovi was for Serbia in Vasojevici.

"The Stupovi is an unbreakable pivot to which the ship of Serbia and Montenegro is tied," he said.

Beckovic visited the Djurdjevi Stupovi monastery yesterday. The Saint Sava Academy was attended by a large number of citizens, church dignitaries, party functionaries, and officials.