Pensioner Miroslava Popovic: I am bitter; it's sad that I can't withdraw my pension after 43 years of working in Kosovo

penzionerka iz Severne Mitrovice Miroslava Popovic
Source: Kosovo Online

The regulation of the Central Bank of Kosovo banning the dinar has had the greatest impact on vulnerable groups of citizens, those who receive social assistance, child and parental benefits, as well as pensioners. Pensioner Miroslava Popovic from North Mitrovica tells Kosovo Online that it is sad that after 10 years she cannot withdraw her pension, which she earned honestly, working in Kosovo for more than four decades.

Miroslava Popovic, former director of the first school for children with developmental disabilities in North Mitrovica, says that without her pension, she cannot even buy the much-needed medicines.

"It's sad that as a pensioner, after 10 years, I can't withdraw the pension I earned, because I worked for 43 years. I can't understand this situation imposed on us by the Kosovo Government, which for me is non-existent because this is Serbia, but I also can't understand the West which coldly overlooks all that is happening now. At 74 years of age with many illnesses, and having undergone surgery, today I have to think about how I will obtain medication... Whom can I ask, because it's not for just one month? Buying them here is very expensive, and to beg every month is humiliating," Miroslava says for Kosovo Online.

She emphasizes that she has been the director of one school throughout her entire working life and that she may manage somehow, but it is sad that others, who have less means and receive smaller pensions, cannot manage.

"I'm angry that I can't buy Serbian goods. It's not fair to me. Why would I buy someone else's goods? I don't see them as better quality; I doubt their products," she adds.

She finds the situation disappointing and admits that she is afraid of the days ahead.

"I am so bitter, but I wouldn't leave Kosovo; this is mine. Many who live here are not from here. We are in a subordinate position, and they are trying to evict us, which should not be allowed. That's not done anywhere. Taking away the right to one's home, house... I live here," Popovic concludes.

She is most disappointed that the Serbs do not have basic human rights.

"I am sorry that no one pays attention. Not even the European community pays attention to those of us who have stayed to live here. We do not have the right to obtain our documents; we have to go outside of Kosovo to get food; we cannot receive the pensions we have earned, nor can we get medicines... All of these are the endangered rights of all of us who live here in Kosovo," Popovic states.