Vlajic: We hope for an acquittal for Todosijevic in the next two months

Nebojša Vlajić
Source: Kosovo Online

In addition to the request for a postponement of serving a sentence, Ivan Todosijevic's defense attorney filed an appeal with the Supreme Court, hoping that this case would be resolved within two months. Lawyer Nebojsa Vlajic, who represents Ivan Todosijevic, says for Kosovo Online that he hopes for an acquittal.

Todosijevic was supposed to report for the execution of the sentence on April 3, according to the previous decision, but the Basic Court in Pristina decided yesterday to postpone it for two months based on the lawyer's request.

Vlajic emphasized that it would be fair to resolve the case in the next two months.

"There is a possibility that it will not be resolved within two months, but it is in the interest of legal security and citizens who submit requests to receive a decision. We submitted such a request to the Supreme Court, and the judge has the right to postpone the serving of the sentence for several months," Vlajic says.

Let's remind that the Judicial Panel of the Basic Court in Pristina sentenced Todosijevic, in a repeated proceeding, to one year in prison for the statement about Racak, which the court deemed inciting hatred, discord, and intolerance.