Prosecutor: Witness intimidation in Kosovo continues, that's why this court is in The Hague

Suđenje čelnicima OVK
Source: Specijalni sud u Hagu

Specialist Prosecutor Alex Whiting pointed out that one of the challenges in the proceedings against Thaci, Veseli, Krasniqi, and Selimi before the Special Court in The Hague was the atmosphere of witness intimidation in Kosovo.

"It is real and widespread, and that is one of the reasons why this court is located in The Hague, and why the court has noted in its judgments and decisions that this intimidation has continued to this day," he pointed out.

According to the prosecutor, there is no doubt that this atmosphere will affect parts of this trial.

"It takes courage for witnesses to testify here. We will see that sometimes the witnesses who are called to testify will not want to tell this court what they know because of fear of what will happen to them or their families, including that someone will mark them as collaborators or traitors because they cooperate with this institution," he stated.

The prosecutor said that the court would decide how fear affected the presentation of evidence at the trial.

"The burden of proof lies with the Prosecutor's Office, and we agree with the defense on that," the prosecutor said.