Albin Kurti does everything to not fulfill his obligations

Aljbin Kurti
Source: Klan Kosova

In his well-known manner of causing conflict, and whenever Pristina's obligations from signed agreements with Belgrade are on the agenda, Albin Kurti plays the same card in front of the international community this time also, Novosti reports.

From setting new six conditions, through daily attacks on the Serbs in Kosovo; illegal special police incursions and plundering of Serbian land; inciting Albanians to protest - at the price of setting the north on fire again, just to avoid the formation of the Community of Serb-majority Municipalities. While he is being pressured by the US this time, he has the support of his British mentors.

While Kurti's resistance to forming the CSM continues, the intimidation and attacks on the Serbs continue and are increasingly aggressive because guns and knives "work" more and more often. The latest victim is Boban Djuzic (19), who was stabbed by three Albanians while walking his dog. Kurti's reaction to the statement of US Deputy Secretary of State Gabriel Escobar that the CSM had to be established urgently was in support of fueling the fire. He stated, "we should not forget Bosnia and Herzegovina's bitter experience with Republika Srpska, as well as that the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina came from this entity”. In addition, Kurti persistently insists on mutual recognition and adds "that for him the CSM without it is like asking for coffee without a cup".

The Prime Minister of Kosovo also activated his forces in central Serbia, Shaip Kamberi and Sulejman Ugljanin, for the agenda of destroying the CSM, who quickly went to Kurti's cabinet to actualize the story of the reciprocity of the so-called "Presevo Valley" and the CSM. And Kurti said that if Serbia wanted to form a single nation community, as it was asking for in Kosovo, it had to think first about doing it at home, because "there are more minorities in Serbia than in Kosovo".

"The normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia must guarantee the rights of minorities in both countries reciprocally and in accordance with EU standards. I met with the leaders of the Albanian and Bosniak communities in Serbia, who only demand the same rights enjoyed by the Serbian community in Kosovo," Kurti said.

According to the opinion of assistant professor Stefan Surlic from the Faculty of Political Sciences, despite the unique position of the EU and the US on the necessity of forming the CSM, a narrative that had been taken over from the authorities in Pristina, and which in recent years had demonized any mention of autonomy for the Serbs in Kosovo, was noticeable.

"Especially appealing to international actors is the comparison of the CSM with Republika Srpska, which is why countless times one could hear about the evil intention to make Kosovo similar to Bosnia; make it non-functional," Surlic told Tanjug.

The former head of diplomacy, Vladislav Jovanovic, believes that behind the trend of attacks and physical assaults on Serbian children is the intention to increase fear in Serbia for the future of the Serbs in Kosovo.

"They want us to think that the only way to stop this and ensure a peaceful future for the Serbs is to become as flexible as possible," Jovanovic says.

Jovanovic adds that it's all a nice "painting" job, that Kurti does everything he does and that is tolerated because he doesn't cut corners energetically. And that is necessary in order to keep us "in torment" for longer and to make even the smallest concession from the West look like salvation.

Ognjen Karanovic from the Center for Social Stability believes that behind Kurti's audacity to refuse even the demands of the US is the support of the British, who have always been in anti-Serb positions. He explains that Kurti constantly keeps the situation on the verge of escalating the conflict.

"He will continue with retrograde politics, which reinforces violent behavior and recruits new terrorist forces within the institutions of the Pristina Temporary Institutions. Aware that there will be early elections, he is trying to mobilize his political body. He hopes to provoke a reaction from Serbia that will be characterized by the West as unacceptable. Nevertheless, I am encouraged by the latest steps of American diplomacy and I believe that with or without Kurti, the CSM will be formed," Karanovic said.