Andric Rakic: I expect additional pressure on people who have not re-registered their cars; a potential trigger for new crises

Milica Andrić-Rakić
Source: Kosovo Online

Milica Andric Rakic, the program manager of the non-governmental organization New Social Initiative from Kosovo, says for Kosovo Online that she expects additional pressure on people who have not re-registered their cars to "RKS" plates, which she says is a potential trigger for new crises.

Andric Rakic says that it is very difficult to assess the situation at the moment because, since September 2021, when the crisis with plates began, it has not been clear what the exact intention of the Kosovo government was.

"It remains entirely unclear whether the idea was only to confiscate plates or also cars. I assume they won't be able to be seized as property; perhaps they will be excluded from traffic. It will be really challenging to predict the Kosovo Government's reaction. Besides the potentially remaining KM-registered cars, we can expect problems with other Serbian plates because just over 2,000 cars will be re-registered. This means that the majority, around 5,000 cars, have not been re-registered and still have plates from cities in Serbia. We can expect some measures against those cars, demands for additional insurance payment, or restrictions on staying on the territory of Kosovo for more than three months," she says.

She mentions that similar pressures on these car owners should be expected.

"Generally, every person with Kosovo documents should drive with Kosovo plates, as it is in Serbia and most of the world. It is possible that additional pressure is expected on people who have not re-registered, but again, I emphasize that this is still more than two-thirds of the cars in circulation. This will indeed be another potential trigger for new crises," Andric Rakic concluded.